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2556: Cotton Picking Internship

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, proposed abortion laws, picketing at SCOTUS houses, police sweeping Google searches for suspects, TX 1925 abortion ban kicks in, R Kelly sentenced to 30 years, fireworks harder to find, car payments cross $700 mark, Americans cutting back due to inflation, flights canceled, man fired after mocking NYC bodegas, TX schools want new term for slavery, man convicted of having sex with horses, 1000 dead pigs discovered, woman pays thief to steal her car from the body shop and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mary

    I get so heated when I think about the short-sightedness and purity of the far left Democrats. We have a very heated mayoral race here in Los Angeles. On one side is a billionaire Republican who turned Democrat just before the race. He is awful. There is only one person who can realistically beat him – a very accomplished and respected black woman — but she is not perfect because as one voter guide put it “she is out of touch with the community because she was in DC too long” WTF. They went ahead and endorsed a third person who has no chance in hell to win. Why not just throw away your vote. I voted for her even though she wants to restore the LAPD to full capacity. I don’t know if she can, or really wants to, and who cares, we can’t have this horrible man win! In the pursuit of perfection, these people will let this place burn. Awful. Cross fingers Karen Bass wins in November.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Our political System isn’t perfect but I think it way better here. We dont have just 2 political parties, we have many. As long as a party gets more than 5% in an election, it’s proportionally represented in the parliament. This way the parties have to work together and build coalitions to build a government. Lots of solutions are build on compromises. I dont think this situation with taking away abortion rights will happen here. And one of our most successful political parties is the CDU, the C stands for Christian. They are conservative but not as insane as your christians. Angela Merkel is in this party and she is pretty sane. I tend to vote more left, often green.

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