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PG 337: Work Life Balance

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the natural gas smell permeating Charlotte, the new variant, Karen taking days off in the middle of the week, Rod goes down a podcast rabbit hole, TV shows, listener feedback and Pregame News.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Remote Work:
    Cobb County in Georgia has increases in covid cases (HIGH), so our corporate office sent out an email saying that employees could work remotely if their job did not require them to be on-site full time.
    In a meeting pertaining to the corporate email, a manager told us that productivity was down with remote work (he lied), and that a lot of support people were saying many of us were out of pocket and unable to get in touch as you worked remotely. Myself and others pushed back and told him that our mid-year reviews showed that our productivity had not decreased so he was incorrect (code for FULL OF SHIT).
    So I told my supervisor I will be working remotely until the cases drop to “Medium”.


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