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PG 338: Prayer Praising Power

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss ramen, podcast about Steve Bannon, taking weekdays off, Solar Opposites is back, some TV talk, listener feedback and Pre-Game news


  1. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod and Karen,
    I wanted to also Chime in on some of the thoughts on Progressive prosecutors. One thing that I saw happen in San francisco was that the media really hyped up any crimes that previous offenders did. And also there were a good concentrated effort by Right winged groups to leverage the Stop Asian Hate movement to target Chesa Boudin. I remember seeing a lot of articles highlighting few but highly publicized attacks that occured to some members of the Asian community by people who previously on bail. Or people who had attacked/robbed an asian store recently also being let go on bail which prompted outrage.

    To me that highlighted another thing that folks seem to really hate to admit when it comes to the progressive prosecutor movement. Low or no cash bail sounds great when ur spinning a story of someone whos down on their luck, but working and being out on bail will allow them to not go farther down into the system, but we also have to admit that there will be cases of unrepentant small time criminals, who will go back to crime immediately after getting released. And communities who are going to be affected are other marginalized groups who will feel like their communities arent safe when they see someone who vandalized their store, or assaulted their family members gets off until their trial. And it will be easily political pickings to fearmonger cause unlike Social media where folks are fine forgiving somebody for robbing them in the name of prison abolition.( but the same people are also like if you criticize Beyonce you deserve anything that happens to ya) . A lot of human beings aren’t there yet and may never be there. Theres got to be a Balance that works best for folk everybody between old DA and the new DA they put in.
    I know twitter would come for my neck, but Kamala was probably one of the best progressive DA/prosecutors we have ever seen, and look how shes viewed now by the police abolition people.

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen, Jelis,

    Just wanted to pull y’all coats to a new flick that’s out this weekend Aug 5th on Netflix. The homie on my film review show brought up the trailer it stood out. It looks like high level impossible white man territory. It’s called “Carter”. The synopsis is pretty basic.

    “A man wakes up missing his memories. Directed by a mysterious voice from a device in his ear, he sets off on a hostage rescue mission rife with danger.”

    This trailer looks crazy. Immediately some of the action looked very familiar. I had to look up the director and sure enough it’s from the same writer and director of The Villainess, Jung Byung-Gil. Should be a great double feature this weekend when paired with Prey on Hulu. Anyway that’s all, hope y’all had a good week and enjoy y’all weekends.


    -Cory B

    Trailer Link: https://youtu.be/ulPHag30btQ

  3. fyahworks

    Greetings rod Karen and Justin

    First caller long time listener! ( I always wanted to say that lol) it’s been a min but I’m back hope all is well! I have something sitting on my mind for a while. That something is mattress firm! Rod, the way you feel about arbys, is the way I feel about mattress firm! I see them all over, and I never see any one in them! They must be under that same structure like arbys! I’m in New York and I also see them (arbys and mattress firm) empty, I was wondering if, like arbys down in Charlotte, have you ever seen a soul (outside the “employees” ) inside that establishment!

    2ndly, I had a chat with my best friend! And we ended up speaking on hangman. I said to him that game racist! It prompted me to look up the origins of the game hangman, it said it’s been around since the 1890s! Google then took me to a BuzzFeed article named: “13 Horribly Offensive Board Games Of The Past” as I scrolled through I found “games” like public assistance, hangman, four little N word boys!, out with the Jews, and my “personal favorite” , darkies in the melon patch! See link here if you wanna check it out!


    Lastly, you guys remember the show from Amazon prime, name upload? Apparently season 2 quietly came back this past March with 7 episodes! It’s been a 2 year wait! But I’m bout to check out season 2, It got 3 less episodes but I’ll take what I can get

    Always a pleasure hearing from you guys!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Justin, Rod and Karen,
    I wanted to suggest a podcast I found on Spotify called Sounds like a Cult. They’re 30 minute episodes about “modern-day cults we all follow,” and they cover topics like Plastic Surgery, Dating Apps, Acapella, Flat Earthers, and Elon Musk. Some of it is serious and some of it is tongue-in-cheek, but the episodes all make points about how something checks all the cult boxes or is one second from becoming a cult.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod,

    I’m just listening to you three discussing ramen at length on pregame 338. I’d really like to recommend one of my favourite films called “Tampopo”. It’s a brilliant Japanese comedy, based around ramen. It’s partly a parody of the Japanese “wandering hero” kind of movie.

    Best wishes

    Mike in London

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey crew,

    This is @iamshardai from Twitter. I wanted to write in when I heard yall talk about the election stuff happening in San Francisco and New York City. So here in Houston which is super liberal, we voted in a large amount of democratic justices. Sounds great right, well they have been give very low bail and/or releasing a ridiculous amount of violent offenders , murder included. These people while on bail have been committing even more offenses, murdering people and disappearing while on house arrest. Our jails are too full and they are letting almost everyone have really low bail. The state Republicans are refusing to allocate funds for the city to get more people to go through cases. They are backed up by the thousands. Unfortunately I know this is going to kick us in the butt at midterms because people are sick of it. I am pretty sure our judges are going to flip and who knows what will happen at our local level. Just want to let yall know stuff like that is happening all over the place. I love listening to yall.

    Talk to yall later best friends in my head.


  7. chubbzero

    What up rod Karen and Justin. Yo, i think Angela basset just created a new Oscar category this past weekend. She gone be the first person to win one for just 1 line in a trailer! The way she delivered that “I am queen of the most powerful nation. . ” Maaannn listen. Had the whole world looking like Michael Jordan eyes! And has Ryan Coogler ever made a bad movie! I know we like to throw the word genius around a lot but this dude is a force. Alright. Talk to you guys later!

    • chubbzero

      P.s. are we wearing white to the premiere of “wakanda forever” or not? #ineedtoknow

  8. Sean

    I was at the butcher when I heard the beginning of this podcast. I was picking up korokke (Japanese croquettes) and a minchi katsu (ground meat cutlet) when you started talking about tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) ramen… I was a little confused, but I was at the butcher anyway, so I asked them to throw one of those in the oil as well. Eventually I realized you were talking about tonkotsu (tone coat Sue) not tonkatsu (tone caught Sue)… ton is a pronunciation of pork, and kotsu is a pronunciation of bone, so yah, the broth is pork stock.

    Really enjoyed the tonkatsu, now I am thinking I need to have some tonkotsu ramen later this week!

    Love from Japan!

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