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BDS 448: Still Securing The Bag

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Tristan Thompson cheating again, Russell Westbrook’s acrimonious split with agent, Lebron James plays in the Drew League, Miles Bridges charged officially, Andrew Wiggins regret vaccination, Juan Soto declines contract, Manti Te’o documentary, Urlacher suggest people faking CTE, Biden signs EO to help Griner, Texas A&M player DWI, Texans player, ex-NFL wife robs for bags and jewelry, ex-Colts draft pick accuse of giving baby mama an STD, Kayla Nicole with Wiz Khalifa,  Bears DT gets exposed by baby mama, former TE charged with assault over parking, Tyler Herro tattoo mocked, Charles Barkley defends LGBTQ people but also considers joining LIV golf, Russia’s highest ranked Tennis player comes out, Wimbledon’s quiet room, Jim Harbaugh’s pro-life comments, Texas Tech NIL deals, Notre Dame wants 75 mil, Djokovic out of the US Open, Tim Anderson walks carpet with family and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jhit Merrifield,

    I hope all is well. And yes Rod, I *do* procrastinate writing into Balls Deep until like right before y’all go live and I *did* read like half of last week’s episode description before realizing y’all recorded on Wednesday.

    Shouts out to the *Toronto* Blue Jays for trading for Whit Merrifield, who missed a game earlier this year in Toronto because he’s unvaccinated. Merrifield was interviewed and asked about if he’d get his shots if he were in trade talks and since his answer was an emphatic “yes”, I don’t believe this white man is gonna get vaccinated.

    Way back when, y’all said the NFL needed to get outta the punishment game and let the legal system handle things since basing suspensions off public outcry was a faulty ass system that had the NFL out looking foolish. Is Judge Sue Robinson a TBGWT Premium member? Cuz her ruling all but said exactly that, including saying that she wasn’t gonna suspend Watson for a whole season to send a strong message to the rest of the league. Do y’all think part of why Robinson wrote the ruling as she did is because she worked in the actual legal system? Or do y’all think she also knows it didn’t matter since the NFL was going to appeal Watson’s suspension since it was only 6 games?

    I know folks back home saying, “why does this shit always happen to the Browns?” and I think it’s important to set the record straight: I don’t think Watson getting suspended is the “Goddamnit Cleveland” part of this since everyone knew he would probably get suspended. The “Goddamnit Cleveland” parts are trading away all those draft picks (including three 1st round picks) while simultaneously giving Watson a contract that designed to cost him as little money as possible for if he got suspended. I’m sure when they have to start letting talent go left and right to keep paying Watson, this will be all be worth it. Browns won a playoff game and all the fans brains rotted

    In the *least* “let’s just run it back” sport in America, the Brown ownership sold the future away on a QB they ain’t gonna have for at least a chunk of next season. If these niggas bottom out and hit 0-17, fuck the Haslams and the whole organization. And if the shit works out and they win a Super Bowl? Good for them.

    I hope y’all have a good weekend and thank you as always for the comedy and sanity y’all bring all week.



  2. fyahworks

    Rod,Karen, and jiman shumpert

    Well Shìt this is a case of art imitates life! Or vice versa! Iman got a role on the chi as a tall ass weed dealer! That turned into him getting caught & qarrested in Dallas at the airport with 6 ounces of the weeeeeeeedddddddddddd (Stephen a smith voice)

    Speaking of Stephen A, I just heard he had shoulder surgery and is return to first take Aug 15!!

    Lastly did you guys take in Terrell owens vs Karen? Not our Karen but a white woman who he got into an altercation with and of course police were called?

    You guys have a great weekend

    Appreciate you all

    Fyahworks out

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jyler Murray,

    I hope all is well.

    What do y’all make of Kyler Murray’s contract having explicit language that requires him to do independent study while not listening to anything else, watching TV or playing video games? I salute Kyler for securing the $230 million ($160 million guaranteed), especially since I was ardent that this nigga should’ve gone and played baseball. Murray’s contract averages $45.6 million dollars. The Oakland A’s active *payroll* is $41.9 million dollars. I never thought he’d make enough money to say baseball is for poor people but here he is. You love to see it.

    You know what nobody likes to see? A nigga take a pay cut so he can lose in the second round and I can’t wait for Doc Rivers to bring this shit up in a press conference later this season.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows during the week.



  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and Justin It’s me Shay

    Y’all we need a praying grandmother because ya girl Cambage is down bad. She then fucked around and found herself, once again, unhired, and put out another locker room. Now I don’t know if she quit or got fired this go round, but the bitch go through jobs quicker then a nigga ducking child support. And at this point knowing her, I don’t even put it past her to have some Lil illegitimate that she don’t associate with because it had “bad vibes”. I ain’t one to gossip but Streets calling her Ben Simmons with a coochie and ehhh….Streets do have a point. This is the woman who said fuck the 90 day probation period and started her HR file on draft day complaining about the team she got drafted too. Got to China and made her first overseas complaint. Refused to play with the Dallas wings because they were mean to her in Dallas. Got thrown off the Aus team again for calling throwing elbows and calling the Nigerian players monkeys .. And of course the knee that got her her very FIRST suspension in Australia. Video below. The list is much longer but I just hope her only fans/ Dj carreer does her well because clearly team sports ain’t it for her.

    Bye y’all and have a great rest of your week

    First link didn’t work but here’s the video of her knneing Mistie Bass in a Australian women’s national game back in 2017 ☹


    • Mdiarra

      Sup Rod, Karen and Joger Goodell,
      Boy the NFL said look at this with the way they recommended a 6 game suspension of Deshaun Watson for the sexual assault of 20+ masseuses’ all on the back of that the assaults were “nonviolent”, meanwhile they quitely admitted Brian Flores was right with his accusation about tanking the game, but because the Miami owner said “but I said sike in my head”, they just took his word for it and said well obviously he was joking. come on guys, nothing to see here. SMH. I hope his lawsuit still going cause these independent investigations never seems to be independenting the way they claim they should.

      Honestly at this point sounds like a good business model, hire me to just come in look around and say nah nothing to see here. cause im convinced thats the amount of work these “independent investigators” work for these giant companies and their systematic issues.

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