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TNO 187: Release The Snyder Bots!

Rod, Karen and Chris Lamberth discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Comic Con news, The Snyder Cut was demand fueled by fake bots, Live-Action Death Note, Captain America 4 gets director, Logan Paul Pokemon NFT, people want to boycott Thor for being too gay, Gremlins director says Baby Yoda was ripped off, PS rewards program, Powerpuff Girls reboot, Netflix lost one million subs, Wheel Of Time renewed, Jessica Alba on Disney diversity, The Last Of Us Remake update, Steam Deck compatible with 4000 games, Nintendo shutting down 3DS and Wii U eShops, Ubisoft’s bad luck, DC discontinuing SnyderVerse, trans streamer banned from Twitch for discussing her own harassment and William Shatner goes off.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod Karen and fellow nerds, I remember you guys talking about how much you enjoyed Two point hospital, well the same people just dropped another game in game pass called Two point campus where you build and manage a College Campus it’s a really game hope you guys enjoy it peace.


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is well.

    I started watching Black Lightning on Netflix cuz I am late to everything and I gotta say, it is endearingly corny like Meteorman and I mean that as a compliment. I knew this show was gonna be something wild when Tobias shot LaLa (who looks like an Evil Kid Fury) with a fucking harpoon and start lecturing him about Black people holding Black people back! All but called that nigga a crab in bucket ass nigga (although the writing makes it clear they ain’t allowed to say nigga)! Honestly, blackness through a DC lens on Black Lightning is giving Static Shock, a goddamn classic show. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    That new Harley Quinn is out and I am loving it! As an introvert, I relate heavily to Poison Ivy being surrounded by loud extroverts. This show funny as shit, especially the Bat Family.

    David Szalvaz must be an MJ fan, cuz they both don’t take no pictures with no niggas. Everything I’ve heard about that Batgirl movie makes it sound like something I would’ve wanted to see and it sucks to see it get shelved as a tax write down. Granted, I ain’t believe any of the Black and brown projects at WB were happening til they got released (Coates Superman, Micheal B. Jordan’s Superman, Ava Duvernay’s long since cancelled New Gods), but the optics of Batgirl getting shelved while Ezra Miller takes breaks from their crime career to reshoots? The optics on that shit *stank*.

    I finally copped me a PS3 and have been playing College Football Revamped; a bunch of college football fiends hacked the last college football game, NCAA 14 and updated it for modern times with new uniforms, plays, formations and even the College Football Playoff. Them nerds also made other changes that I hope EA takes note of when they release their college football, like adding in more JuCo players and overhauling player speed/acceleration. A dude I know who worked on the old NCAA Football games said they had wanted to put in a mechanic for boosters paying players under the table but the NCAA said absofuckinglutely not. As much as I’m looking forward to recruiting players to Ohio State on the grounds that Michigan is an unserious poverty program, what ever happened to sports games being arcade-y and not as serious? I miss them old NFL and NBA Street games. Did those fade away cuz fans demanded hyper realistic graphics and shit?

    Shouts out to Sony making the PS3 way easier to hack than a Xbox 360 (mine that I’ve been playing NCAA 14 on for a decade now); installing College Football Revamped on my 360 would’ve required legit soddering things to the motherboard.

    Have a good a weekend and stay nerdy y’all!




    Hey Rod, Karen & guest(s). As much as I would like to hammer into the incompetence of Warner Bros. Discovery being all but moribund company, at this point, with its constant idiotic decisions but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to talk about how much I’ve enjoyed getting back into handheld gaming with XBOX Game Pass. It was challenging at first because playing something like Forza Horizon 5 & NFS: Hot Pursuit can be intimidating since playing full-on 3D games is a lot, when it comes to depth perception. I sucked at it the first time, crashing into every barrier, invisible wall. Same with Forza Horizon 5. It’s not the Razer controller I got, it’s just going from big screen to smaller screen is an adjustment. Of course, input lag can be a drag, depending on connection but I love it.

    Power Wash simulator rules, too. Really enjoy that game. I may upgrade to a better Razer controller in the coming months, but I like how the basic feels. Got a couple of grip stickers to aid in it not slipping in my hands. It does become frustrating with the slot & phone coming out from the device. Otherwise, to quote Ivan Vanko in my best Mickey Rourke voice with a Russian accent: “Good To Be Back!”

  4. RoninRaphael

    Hello Rod & Karen Morrow along with Chris Lamberth

    Speaking of spending the money, Jeff Bezos Prime keeps dropping cool Nerd stuff to watch. I’ve been watching Paper Girls with my Mrs and I’m enjoying it. It’s not my favorite but I’m glad to see it.

    Did any of you ever catch the Vox Conversation episode “Does China Control Hollywood?” It makes sense now why Shang-Chi wasn’t allowed in China and Top Gun:Maverick having a nameless enemy.

    Ms. Marvel has now turned into my daughter’s favorite hero. She is still all about Wakanda and Miles Morales, but she’s in love with Kamala Khan and now wants her own bangle + costume. I am glad that such a show exists, cause being born outside America and been through a different educational system it is assumed that America being number one, everyone already knows. I had a guest on my podcast who was a kid during the partition but was the opposite of Kamala’s family as his family lost everything that they had to leave their home in present day Pakistan and move to India. Crazy thing is that his people are still a minority in India due to the religion that they practice. It always feels like time travel anytime I am talking to the gentleman, he is 86 years old. It was until I spoke with that man that I realized that people who lived through the partition were still with us (I had only read about it in textbooks). I have multiple reasons for why I love Ms. Marvel. For now, I’ll stick to my daughter and introducing many in the world to the partition of India. Brother Aamir grabbing the cash at the wedding b4 running to safety is ME! We broke!!!

    • RoninRaphael

      I lied, Papergirls is fantastic. Whoever casted them kids deserves an applause, in fact the whole cast. The show grew on me!

  5. csick

    Assassin’s Creed Origins really was the first Assassin’s Creed game out of the new batch where it’s no longer a stealth action game and it’s really an open-world action RPG, which Odyssey and Valhalla built on. Playing it now after Odyssey and Valhalla, the gameplay doesn’t really hold up. I do love the story of Bayek and Aya, though. Origins is actually set in Ptolemaic Egypt which is over 2400 years after the Great Pyramids were built, so this isn’t even really ancient, ancient Egypt.

    The Old Man felt kind of like a bait and switch to me. The first episode was full of old man struggle fights and the dogs fucking people up. But after that, all the episodes were more dialog than action, and the dogs were dropped off at a pet hotel, never to be seen again. I also don’t really like Zoe. Why does every show have to jam in a romance for the male lead? Did she ever even pay her son’s tuition?! The subplots surrounding the daughter are way more compelling, in my opinion. Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow and Alia Shawkat are great, and that’s pretty much the only reason I finished the season, but I was pretty let down after how great the first episode was.

  6. Deejay936

    I love assassin’s creed origins but that ghost of tsushima is the assassin’s creed we should had have.

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