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SMR 405: Bullet Train

Rod and Karen review the action comedy “Bullet Train.” We also discuss movie trailers and your comments on “Nope” and “The Gray Man.”


  1. Sean

    Finally got around to watching this movie, been busy. Anyway, I wrote to note that one actor from Deadpool 2 that you didn’t mention was Brad Pitt. I believe his face was visible in Deadpool 2 for the same amount of time Ryan Reynold’s was in Bullet Train.

    Loved the review, felt that the crash and some of the more CG-ish action could have been cut to give more room to develop Bad Bunny’s and Zazie Beetz’s characters.

    Also, while it is very much a Westerner’s view of anime-style Japan, it was okay for incorporating Japanese culture. Although some of the non-main characters would have been better filled with Japanese actors (like the hush woman could have been played by Yukiko Tomochika and Channing Tatum’s character could have been played by Naoki Koidemizu or Hirofumi Suga).

    Again, thanks for your reviews and sorry I’m late with my response!

  2. logan2x1

    Me and my wife went to see this movie and we enjoyed it so much. If you’re wondering who Aaron Taylor Johnson is he is Kickass, quicksilver, and Kraven the hunter

  3. logan2x1

    Hey Rod and Karen!
    Just saw this movie and it was so much fun! It was great because we were the only ones in the theater when we went to see it, so I could laugh as loud as I wanted and even jumped up and clapped at one point. It seemed like through most of the movie I was pointing at the screen going “Oooo where do I know them from! What’s their name!?” They had ole girl from The Boys as the snack girl! And the guy who played Hiro in Heroes! My favorite characters were definitely Lemon and Tangerine. I kept telling my husband that was Aaron Taylor Johnson! He and Brian Tyree Henry did an amazing job all around! The acting, action, and both of them looking cute as hell. When Lemon said “oh I’m sorry I’m just fascinated by white girl tears, you’re so good at it.” I literally jumped up and said “Let’s go Black man!! That’s right!”
    I’m going to take my eldest nephews to go see it too.
    I do agree that Zazie’s character deserved a longer backstory cut away. Bad Bunny’s was super long . My only guess is her’s was so short because as an assassin she didn’t have any other motivation other than getting her money and she was trying to keep her anonymity most of the movie.
    But it was really fun and hilarious loved all the cameos!

    Great review

  4. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod & Karen,

    I went to see the movie Bullet Train. Besides myself and my husband, there were only 2 other couples in the theater. We still kept on our masks the entire movie. I risked Ronow for this!

    I agree with all of your takes on the movie. The water bottle scene could have been cut because it didn’t add anything to the plot. We already comprehended that Brad Pitt’s character had put the drug in the water and where or how the bottle got there wasn’t needed. I was disappointed that the two Asian characters didn’t have more fight scenes. And I was so happy when they ran over the Prince character. I couldn’t wait for her bad self to die!

    I love listening to your reviews and this was the only movie I waited to listen to your review after I saw the movie.


  5. RoninRaphael

    Hello Rod and Karen, I must have dozed off while scrolling on IG only to come to The Menu trailer on my screen. I at first thought that this was a commercial for a restaurant before realizing that it was a movie and laughing my way to “yeah no.” I may check out on streaming.


    A bonkers movie. Also, it serves as a final blockbuster coda for the summer, since things slow in August. I did wish the plot & characters had more depth. David Leitch films nail the action, they just don’t on the narrative end (see Atomic Blonde & Hobbs & Shaw). For what it was, this was a fun, crazy ride.

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