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BDS 449: Contract Divorce

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Liz Cambage’s contract divorce, Deshaun Watson’s suspension, the Dolphins penalized for tampering, Kyler Murray contract clause, Iman Shumpert arrested for weed, OJ Simpson defends Deshaun Watson, Aliyah Boston declines Espy’s invite, Warriors owner fined, Chanel Iman beefs with ex Mother In Law, Lebron trademarking Shut Up And Dribble, Future cornily includes the Wilsons in new video, Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years, TO vs a Karen, Jim Harbaugh will raise his player’s babies, IG model hints at Lebron dms, Jaylen Brown upset about trade talks, Novak Djokovic ignoring vaccine mandate, Sage Steele defends Harbaugh, the Mahomes’, SlamBall is coming back, Brittany Renner, PJ Washington knocks up another IG model, Hollywood Brown arrested for speeding, Saints rookie kicked out of practice, Veronica Bielik, Jeanie Buss hacked, golfers suing PGA, Tua mad we know he got married, Astros fan busted sexting and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fighting!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J. Joe Tsai,

    I hope all is well.

    Shouts out to the tennis GOAT, Serena Williams, on announcing her retirement in the most GOAT fashion possible: tweeting out her retirement letter that she wrote as a “must read”, while on the *fold out* cover of Vogue, wearing a dress that probably cost a whole lot with nobody else but Olympia in tow. Won 23 Grand Slams. Make Em Mad Hall of Famer. Tennis labor pioneer for basically getting tennis maternity leave after playing, wait my mistake, *winning* a tournament while pregnant. And she did all that while putting up with an endless torrent of racist and sexist horseshit from a sport that owed it Venus and Serena for why a lotta Americans tuned in in the first fucking place. I hope Serena enjoys retirement doing whatever the fuck she wants.

    Oh and Serena is finer than piano wire, that catsuit was legendary.

    It ain’t gone through yet, but I know the Browns are expecting Watson to be gone for at least a year cuz they’re doing what they should’ve been did in the first place instead of signing Watson and looking at trading for Jimmy G. I hope the Niners take the copper pipes out the Browns training facility along with whatever the fuck else they want from Cleveland. In fact, I think the Browns should trade Kareem Hunt to the Niners, shouts out to Amani, for Jimmy G so that franchise downfall I predicted can officially kick off. I’d feel bad for Jimmy G going from the Bay to basically North Of The Wall. But the Haslams decided they wanted to give Watson a suspension-proof contract, so this is where they at. The DOJ should’ve taken Haslam’s fines from stealing for truckers and still sent his ass to prison back in 2018.

    And word on the street is the Panthers are looking to shop around Sam Darnold? Y’all ready for the Baker Mayfield Experience?

    Half of the LA Sparks slept in a fucking airport, including Nneka Ogwumike, the president of the WNBA players association. It’s never sat well with me that world class athletes in the WNBA make comparable money to regular cubicle niggas, but this shit is also wild egregious. Is there ever gonna be a point where this shit is enough of a bad look for the WNBA that they requiring their players to fly commercial?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you for another dope week of shows,



  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J Gundy,

    So the OU WR coach took a players iPad and read the word nigga aloud then had to resign. His excuse was he was reading too fast. Which i guess nigga…Then after this man resigned all his former players came to his defense with the good ol “if it is some I ain’t seent it” defense. Even Joe Mixon who punched a white girl in the face because she called him a nigger in college. Then more details came out about what happened and not only did he say it once but several times. Also the WR coach who did all this is no other then OAN supporter Mike Gundy’s brother Cale Gundy. Of course all this had white people wanting grace for Gundy and the player in trouble. Which is wild because the underneath him using the word he also took a player’s property and read his messages. Speaking of niggas…I’m tired of these niggas and what they got to say about BG. It’s disgusting that I see a lot of black men falling for that shit. Like now the “rules are the rules” like we can’t acknowledge that someone can do something wrong but also the punishment can be unjust. It makes me mad because it was WNBA players who really had black men’s back when it came to police violence here but like so many times niggas just have to be a let down. But sorry if this was long and love the show as always.


  3. Mdiarra

    Hey yall,
    I enjoyed yalls perspective on Brittney Griner, especially thinking about the fact she went to Russia to make more money. No admonishment here, cause it aint no shame in the game at all. And I do believe it was an honest mistake with leaving a pen in there that u probably had in ur bag for awhile.

    I think my biggest frustration around the case has been folks thinking that they can Hashtag their way to freeing Brittney Griner, and that the Biden adminstration not giving them the play by play every day is basically them leaving her on the wayside.
    It be so funny when I mention they about to release the entire merchant of Death to get her back and folks still wanna claim this administration dont care and its cause she a Black woman she still locked up.
    I think folks so used to assuming the worst about America, for good reason, that somehow they believe that all Biden has to do is will it and Brittney wouldve been home 3 months ago. Do we not understand theres a whole proxy war going on with Russia at the head of the enemy side! Need folks to stop having the critical thinking skills of Emmanuel Acho out in these social media streets.

    Sidenote my favorite video coming out of this has been the Studs for Brittney Griner video.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Jony Jefferson.

    Baltimore Ravens safety Tony Jefferson recently had LASIK eye surgery and was remarking on twitter how clear things are now.


    Someone asked him what did he do during games, contacts, prescription visor, etc.

    He admitted he was just going out there with his “regular eyes” no contacts. Nothing. Just blurry vision and vibes.

    The jokes have been excellent.




    Thank you,


  5. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod, Karen & Justin

    I just wanted to write in to congratulate the G.O. A.T. herself aka Serena Williams on her retirement from professional tennis! The greatest to ever to do it however you want it done. She deserves all the accolades and love she is going to get with her retirement announcement. But of course with all the good I have to bring up the bad too .

    I want to send a big fuck you to JOHN McENROE and CHRIS EVERT for all the unnecessary hate they threw towards Serena when they did the commentary on her matches. It was blatantly and obviously personal the hate they spewed towards Serena. I just hope and pray Serena decides to speak her mind on those two someday because she would have every damn right to .

    Sorry y’all that shit weighed heavy on my heart and I had to say something lol

    Peace lol,


  6. fyahworks


    Rod,Karen, and jrank gore

    I think we gon need that Ray Lewis clip……

    Newly retired frank gore showed us exactly why “there’s nothing else to do sal” they say nothing good happens after midnight! Well I say nothing good happens in Vegas or Atlantic City! Gore got charge with assault related to domestic violence. Apparently he dragged a woman,naked, by her hair,across the hallway At the Tropicana! Rod, is his CTE acting up?

    Follow up that story with Marshall lynch catching them metal bracelets for a dui! It’s not even preseason yet and nfl making headlines!!!!

    Have a great weekend guys!!

    Fyahworks out!!!!

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