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SMR 406: Prey

Rod and Karen review the latest entry in the “Predator” movie franchise, “Prey.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    This is my type of impossible whyte man movie. Loved it, although I did wonder how strong their medicine was that there was no limping after the bear trap. Now I know who I’ll be in connect with when I launch my miracle ministry… back to the movie. This is the 2nd movie that I have seen this year where the protagonist finds a lot of strength in being underestimated. I even began to question her at the beginning too. I had a great time and now go on a quest to seek a Comanche friend that’s good with the . Thanks for mentioning that there’s an option for watching the whole movie in Comanche, I would have done that had I been aware. Rewatching in that next time!


    Dutch, Ol’ sweaty-ass Mike Harrigan, Royce & whatever the fuck Boyd Holbrook played in Shane Black’s shitty Predator film, you niggas don’t want none of Naru or Taabe. Taabe died with more valor than Carl Weathers & Weathers died with some damn honor to that Predator in the OG film. I want more Predator movies in other settings, time-travel, I don’t care. Do characters shake off bear trips by doing the equivalent of putting ‘Tussin on open wounds? Yep. Did I let it slide? Hell yeah, I did.

    At first, I was enjoying this, yet I was awaiting for the movie to actual go hard on the violence at fifty minutes. Patience is a virtue like Merrick Garland. The cast rules, the action rules, I really dig the overall design of this Predator. The CG didn’t bother me one bit. Not everything can be 100% pratictial or Tom Cruise-grade.

    Amber Midthunder was a problem in here. Her performance was like something that reinvented acting but did action very well. Already my favorite Predator protagonist. It also showed that White People were shitty people like real fucking like. Skinning Buffalo & messing with Native Americans. It’s important to the movie & just history, in general. Really need to see this film again. An awesome time.

  3. Sean

    After finally catching this on Hulu (I first watched the 2021 movie “Prey” on Netflix, not the same) I really enjoyed your review! Also, thanks for the shout out to one of the best and definitely the most under-rated superhero TV series of the past two decades, Legion. When I saw Midthunder I had to pause for a second to catch my breath. Her Impossible White (wo)Man prowess was made clear in Legion, but this was definitely a huge stage for her to highlight her abilities.

    Also, I don’t remember you mentioning it, but what were your thoughts on them making callbacks to Predator 1, “If it bleeds, we can kill it” and the slash across the chest and Predator 2, the “Raphael Adolini 1715” pistol while basically ignoring Predators and the Predator, while retconning Alien v Predator out of existence…

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