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2578: Blackface Black History

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, the Reduce Inflation Act passes, dozens get sick from KS water park, the last woman accused of being a Salem witch has name cleared, unsealed documents in the Depp / Heard trial, grocery delivery declining, back to school cost-cutting, how much do you need to make to live in each state, teacher makes kids do Blackface for Black History Month, Sims slaves, news anchor chastised for African pendant, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. wittitsorstfu

    Hey Karen! Hey Rod! Long time, first time. I think. Regardless, loved this episode, but a particular topic rang out to me. (Bear with me.)

    In your discussion regarding Chrissy Teigen, you brought up how she curbed her drinking because (among other reasons) she found herself having arguments on social media after doing a good amount of drinking. Relatable. As. Fuck. Hearing that struck me like a lightning bolt.

    During Twitter’s Golden Age (2009-2014), I was on it heavy (like any reasonable mid-30-something). It recently dawned on me there was a minor pattern to my engagement. I’d frequently find myself in arguments with a few friends around the same time of the week: either Wednesday or Friday between 8 and 11 pm. This is important cuz this was also when I’d already have half a bottle of wine in me. And I found that when I stopped drinking wine so much, I’d have less meaningless arguments with people. Wild shit.

    Anyway, I look forward to TBGWT Day. I’ll do what I can to support & celebrate with y’all. Thanks again to you and Karen for a great podcast!

  2. Sean

    Well… I wasn’t using grocery delivery apps, but my son got CoViD, three days later my wife got CoViD, and now, after a week of diligent masking and isolation, I have it too… So… grocery delivery apps here I come, until my son is out of 10 day quarantine in two days at least…

    Apparently, Japan’s government doing jack shit but preventing non-citizens from returning home and avoiding testing so our numbers look better than they are is finally catching up. While this is a country where most people still wear masks, individual action is not enough. There needs to be a coordinated and robust public health response.

  3. himdeel

    As an artist who uses pencils to draw I about died in BrokeFiBroke after y’all were joking about taking test with a number (no) 7 pencil. The no. 7 lead pencil actually has more graphite and is darker on paper than and cost more than the number 2. So the no. 2 is the basic bytch pencil! But the no. 7 is that premium quality! Much love!

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Aldi has school supplies and they are at least here pretty good.
    I buy often used stuff. I bought used school bags for both of our kids that were by an expensive brand and in a great condition. I got them for less then 50% of the store price. I was raised in rather poor conditions and I’m still very cautious with money. And now we are homeowners and from this year landlords. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. (we have one tenant in an apartment we bought) We decided not to raise rent this year for her life is hard enough.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    With drugs you have the “science name”
    And the brand name.

    bebtelovimab is the ” science name” the ab at the end means Antibody. No brand name yet.
    For example: Viagra is the brand name, the science name: Sildenafil.

  6. DizzyLizzyGyal

    I used grocery delivery apps mainly for my grandparents during the pandemic. I could order and pay and have the groceries delivered so they didn’t have to go to the store. But for myself? I didn’t like it because if I ordered produce, sometimes the shoppers would pick great, other times not so much! (Lowkey high key, it was only a problem when I had male shoppers, I’m just saying)

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