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2579: Come Through Merrick!

Rod and Karen discuss the DOJ running up on Trump’s property, Biden going after PPP scammers, Maddow on Tucker Carlson, Frank Ocean selling cock ring, Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, alligator bites man on face, global warming leading to discovery of bodies, Travis McMichael sentence for hate crimes, DOJ charges KY police for Breonna Taylor killing, Rosa Parks honored by METRO, nanny charged with stealing items, woman stabs man to death during sex, man steals and pawns ring to buy new ring and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mywholegovt

    I followed this episode with the I’m listening to the Sisters in Law episode about the Mar-a-Lago search and it’s reminding me of just how significantly media has changed in the last 6 or 7 years. Every week these women (much like the two of you) get on their podcast and talk directly and clearly about just how ridiculous everything involving Trump is. And it’s just kind of crazy that that’s even notable. But it is considering that some of the most respected news outlets continue to give Trump a level of deference and legitimacy that he never deserved. And I’m not even talking about OAN or Fox News. Just the way that your average political media personality talks about him feels like an attack on truth. And I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it’s really kind of just a vibe, which isn’t very evidence based lol, but I get the feeling that other people who listen to y’all feel that too. And it takes a TBGWT or a Sisters In Law to kind of snap me out of this like alternate media universe and remember that all of these things that seem awful and ridiculous actually are and I’m not crazy for thinking that it’s not really a debate. I just appreciate you both and all of the content creators/thinkers who have been able to maintain a commitment to truth and really just decency through the Trump era.

  2. DeeCee

    I like my news from television boring so I watch PBS news hour and C-SPAN, they have diverse staffing, and it’s relatively straight to the point. Most of the news I get is from reading.

  3. Mary

    Yesss Merrick!! Being in law enforcement as a DA, attorney general (Kamala) or head of the DOJ does not automatically make you the enemy. As you know I work collecting police violence data, and one of things we are starting to track are elected officials. If we see movement where violence is getting better or worse, then who are the judges there? Who is the DA there? Here in LA we voted in a progressive DA over one who had not brought one charge against any officer in the the killings of over 340 people in LA County. Hopefully our new DA Gascon doesn’t get recalled like that Oakland DA, but since he has a law enforcement background then hopefully he can navigate bringing reform in better. All this to say, change from the inside is possible, butt we have to get the right people in there. Vote motherfuckers!

  4. pretty tomboy

    Rod. Karen. Fam. Not for nothing but this Trump raid was so gd satisfying. Especially since I’ve been shouting from the mountain top that Merrick was DAT NICCA. I dont think people know that the DOJ can’t talk about anything (by law) while investigating and I’m glad about that. Just come out with them facts. Just 10 minutes ago Merrick did a press conference and literally reached down and put his dack on the table. He talked about the subpoena sent to Trump in the spring, how Trump’s lawyer was there on site aaand released the documents. Lol Merrick said ‘run up and get done up’ cause Trump was as usual talking that ish. This is delicious but it’s gonna take awhile for real justice to come. We just need to be patient for that.

    Sidenote… would this have happened if McConnell had not blocked Merrick’s appointment? Trumps gotta wonder lmao.

    Also Rachel Maddox has always given me ‘fake white ally’ vibes so I don’t fuck with her but I did happen to see her talking about those DOJ papers since I live overseas now and get my news from YouTube occasionally. And i agree. All she did was try to stoke fear. MSNBC as a whole is very difficult to watch (even Joy and Tiffany keep the fear on lock) so I skip it as much as I can.
    Love yall!


    These political wonks really see reality as a game, huh? Sigh, ohhhhh, Rachel Maddow. So smart, yet so oblivious to a Scorpion smiling in your face, because you can’t fathom the fact that Tucker Carlson is a bad person. Nice people of all walks of life, but like all kinds of folks, they’re worse than those explicitly rooting for mayhem, while our side, particularly white liberals say all the right things but come to Whiteness, even under the worst circumstances. Jon Stewart, Chris Hayes, Maddow, Cenk Uyger (yes he’s Turkish but was once a Republican & has one bankrolling Young Turks, so, yeah, still counts), Michael Moore, etc.

    I was disappointed but not surprised. Ever since 2016, I have seen most white liberal personalities in a much different light. Sort of like Dr. Strange going through all the millions of possibility towards the endgame & solution. Fact of the matter is, despite their best interest in bettering the world, without the outrage that drives political outrage, what are they, besides enabling dead eyed, projecting hate at Dems, thinly-veiled, pieces of shit. Maddow’s a smart woman, who knows her shit, but her praise of Tucker, unfortunately, showcases how much she doesn’t really care about the world or people that don’t look like her. Yes, she’s a lesbian, but that’s a massive blindspot for a liberal.

  6. Mdiarra

    Man I been so disappointed in the way folks have been clutching their pearls about Trump getting a no notice search warrant for his house. I have a few friends in the legal system and they said that to get a no notice warrant, on a former President, you must’ve been doing some fuck shit. So all this himming and hawwing by the media lately is just tiresome.
    Like yes its Unprecedented but this whole thing with Trump is unprecedented. Aint no precedent with a Sitting president denying they lost the election yet they aint treat that with as much pearl clutching as they have this.

    Second off this is also why Merrick shut the fuck up. Folks were gonna assume the worst of Merrick if he even said anything publicly, and even now after moving in silence for 2 years they still are acting like this was politically motivated. We had the most unethical president ever and we are still acting like he aint never done no illegal shit that would warrant this?!? Fuck these white liberal ass media people. Wont ever catch me defending Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes, after 2016 i still been sideeying them. Especially Chris with his “trump will be left of Hillary by the end of the general election in 2016 ass”

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I unfortunately think that you can’t have a society completely without police.
    You can lower the criminal rates with great education, fighting racism and an overall more evolved society with less violence. But there will always be some level of crime I think. People aren’t rational and some procentage of them is anti social. I think we need some police but the overall non-killing kind. ( the police in Germany kills about 10 people/ year, in the US about 1000, we have less citizens so it would be about 40 people here if I take the 10 and multiply it with 4 so it can be done)

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