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SMR 407: Lightyear

Rod and Karen review the “Toy Story” spinoff “Lightyear.” We also discuss feedback on recent reviews.


  1. RoninRaphael

    Was there more than one stringer in this movie? (thanks for teaching me that word stringer, Rod). I don’t know if ya’ll seen Sox meow song on YouTube. It’s a good laugh mix. I wish I could get a real life Sox but I seen too many killer robots sooooo… I loved this one. I’m with Karen on the relationships, some of my coolest friends while in the service were women and especially women of color. So it’s dope to see that, cause they don’t always get their due or limelight.

    I did not honestly recall the original Zurg story so I’ll go with this, although it did feel flat as I wasn’t really vested in the villain. I just enjoyed the rest of the story and characters. I’m gonna sign up for the Space Ranger program and look my age for 100+ years!


    Never understood the performative dislike for this film. Is it as good as all 4 Toy Story films? No. Does it matter who should’ve voiced the character? I mean, if Disney wanted Chris Evans to VO Buzz Lightyear, what the fuck does it matter, if we’re being honest, especially if the concept is exploring the actual man who is responsible for the toy it’s based on. It had a pretty rough box office, came out against heavy competition & was gone from theaters in mere weeks. I really did like it, though. I think having character Toy Story spin-offs is a clever idea to keep this series flowing creatively. Evans sounds like a pro voicing Buzz. Keke Palmer’s Izzy Hawthorne is a lot of fun, too. Visually stout like most Pixar ventures. Sox the cat was a delight. The Zorg angle took me by surprise, with it being
    an older Buzz, but I didn’t think much of it, after awhile. Film did seem better on Disney+ than for theaters. I saw it back in theaters in June & had a good time. Also, it somewhat exceeded my expectations, so, yeah, I fucks with it.

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