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2582: Meet Me In The Cornfield

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, 911 call on Lauren Boebert’s husband, Oprah suing over podcast name, Matell suing over rap snacks name, GA residents can claim embryos on taxes, feces mailed to republicans in Ohio, Black firefighter invited to racist party, Britney Spears accused of racism, Charlottesville police fire Black woman chief, teacher resigns in Florida, election news, man accused of murder calls 911 over cold fries, woman makes 11K calls to police line, man kills neighbor over lawnmower noise and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ebibebi

    I lost my dad to COVID and a couple cousins. And every family member I know who got it also ended up with some new, serious, expensive “pre-existing condition” as a result. So I’m very much not over it and I never got a chance to be or even a break. I’m still angry and sad. I know people are fairing a lot better in recent months, but I’m still disappointed. People couldn’t even be convinced to act right which reports on how getting it is personally bad for you. I understand that we can’t control it and never could, I just wish it hadn’t gotten to the point that people are throwing their hands in the air and completely giving up globally. Especially considering even vaccinated people catch it and end up with heart problems and issues with cognitive function.

    And I’m worried that loosened or relaxed guidance from government officials could lead to situations where people want to properly quarantine or actually rest to reduce their chances of a rebound but their job is like “um, you get a week, we short staffed.” There are just so many moving parts and while I understand why what’s happening is happening, it doesn’t mean I have to like it or think it’s good. Because I’m living with two lung conditions as it is, I don’t need this stress.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I get being angry about Covid being endemic but the new corona virus is very good at being a virus. The fact alone that it is contentious before symptoms is pretty “smart” and the remixes ( mutations) still consistently the charts (statistics. I’m proud of myself here. ) People have been stupid and lots if them unnecessary died.
    Still unfortunately we can’t control everything.
    Both things can be true. I have given up on thinking having covid once would be it for me.
    Not with my job. Not with smaller kids.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Still consistently hit the charts I mean.

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