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BDS 451: Bad Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback,  Yaqub Talib turns himself in, Vanessa Bryant wins civil suit, Lakers trading for Pat Bev, DeShaun Watson gets 11 game suspension, Bengals lineman retires at 24, Fernando Tatis Jr has an excuse for PEDS, Bill Russell number retired in NBA, NBA won’t have games on election day, Alvin Kamara, Magic Johnson denies giving blood, George Foreman accused of sexual assault, Ayesha Curry, Jerry Jones talks about the glory hole, Jon Gruden lawsuit, Ruben Torres knocks out boxer with sucker punch, D Wade biting booty on vacay, D Wade also says part of backlash to the Heat was racial, Jemele Hill responds to Michele Tafoya, Aaron Donald uses helmet as weapon during practice, Djokovic won’t play in US Open, Saban gets new deal, Bill’s punter accused of rape, Taylor Rooks gets backlash for Dame Lillard take while being a woman and Stephen A for president?


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and The JNBA Eastern Conference,

    I hope all is well. Granted, I know none of y’all who root for any teams in the Eastern Conference are having as a good of day as the Cleveland Cavs, who just traded for Donovan Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell is 25 years old and the oldest player in a starting five of Mitchell, Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, Issac Okoro and Evan Mobley? That’s 3 All Stars and a Rookie of the Year Finalist. Effective immediately, it’s scary hours for the East. I know word had been rumbling that Mitchell wanted to go to the Knicks but the Cavs have everything the Knicks don’t from a functioning organization to a title won in HD television. Ain’t no better time for the best team in the East in like the last 20 years to come back and show the rest of this struggletastic division what greatness truly looks like than now. And yes, 100% of that greatness comes from the happenstance of LeBron James being born in Akron, OH (a wholly separate city from Cleveland, OH).

    But this team recorded a winning record *and* someone got a triple double all *without* LeBron James. And LeBron looks content to become the league’s all time leading scorer while making major money for the the wildly impoverished LA Lakers and being a loving family man. Would I say something as wild as the Cavs repeatedly making the Finals and winning them in 2016 inspired the Raptors and Bucks to win their own titles? Not only would I say that, but both teams are welcome.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the long weekend!



  2. fyahworks

    Hey rod , karen and jrian Robinson

    Mood hit that Ray Lewis clip for me one time!

    I feel like there is a streak of this clip playing in like the last 50 shows! Anywho, commanders rookie running back got shot in a robbery attempt in the dmv area! Thankfully he’s ok! But it’s a damn shame when you work so hard to get drafted, and your dreams come through, to then have a tragic injury happen to you whether through violence. Or freak injury (see Chet holmgren) thought and prayers and prayers to bout rookies!!

    Also I just read that Ben Simmons and his fiancé (which I ain’t even know he had one) decided to end their engagement! Her name is maya jama and she in the uk and she fine as hell (hits follow button) I wonder if it’s the back issues that had them go their separate ways.

    Shout out to Serena the goat!

    Good talk

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!

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