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SMR 418: Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul

Rod and Karen review the satirical comedy “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.” We also discuss feedback for “Bullet Train.”

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    Wish the ending didn’t pull up short, but most of Honk for Jesus worked well enough it didn’t entirely detract from the entire production. Sterling K. Brown & Regina Hall are so superb in this, just for a sec, I almost thought they actually did this. Thankfully, knowing how all megachurches are full of complete shit, it’s actually a good thing they aren’t. The film probably could’ve been marketed better & maybe been more comedic, but I really liked the dark comedy here. It made it much more topical at the end of the day. Also, props to Nicole Beharie & Conphidance’s performances, as well. Them mofos were adorable together sangin’ “One of these days” together.

    In closing, shout-out to Chris Lamberth for bringing this up on Mundane Festival but, yeah, what is it with Hollywood not doing flicks with black folks in their 50s & beyond not doing certain roles. Also, yes, he also brought up why more black audiences aren’t watching these films. It pisses him off &, likewise, it pisses me off, as well. Blackting is everywhere & it’s not just the tramua porn social media rails against. There’s lot of nuanced, funny, enthralling black shit everywhere. Fucking Jordan Peele & Daniel Kaluuya produced & got a black woman director to do this. Honk for Jesus, unfortunately, isn’t doing very well at the box office & was a pretty nuanced flick. Granted, we won’t have a steadfast ability to support all the content because TV is vast like a big-ass fruit roll up, but the options are very very varied. Shit, I really want to watch P-Valley, I just haven’t gotten around to it, yet. And, I’ve actually seen this performative “how dare they” ass commentary on it & it baffles me on projects like that, for example. But, yeah, I’ll stop here. Dat Honk rules.

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