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2596: Crack Attack!

Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s first trip to the optometrist, Rod getting a new laptop, Coronavirus News, Chris Rock working on Will Smith bit for his stand up special, Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears sued over old comedy video involving children, women getting richer by staying single and not having kids, Biden speech not aired on major TV stations, woman dances to avoid DUI, man killed over Walmart parking space, hospital marketing director had madd guns and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think it’s interesting how Chris rock doesn’t see himself as a victim. He was a victim of getting the shit smacked out of him. But I think the word victim is one of those trigger words like the word woke that has been weaponized by narcissists and abusers to make it an undesirable thing to be. Being a victim is a state of fact but no one wants to claim it because it makes them appear weak especially men. I think a lot of it has to do with toxic masculinity as well. I doubt Chris will ever forgive Will based on his current statements and that’s okay he isn’t obligated to. But I also think Will is done talking about it and the more Chris talks about it the people who previously supported him will get irritated and call him the victim he doesn’t want to be viewed as.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    In reference to the poll – of COURSE they should have aired PRESIDENT BIDEN’S speech. But it was clearly too “real” for them and it has become evident that TRUTH is seen as an attack to the eurodactyls. As you’ve pointed out again & again, this country is much more interested in centering “their” feelings than evidence-based statements. Case in point – I’m a content reviewer for an online platform. As I’m reviewing an account, I notice the person has received a bad mark on the account for “insulting a group of people”. She was Asian and had posted something about how white people are far more likely to obtain home loans in America than black people. My coworker had marked this as “insulting a group of people” for STATING A FACT! And yes, she was. My heart rate shot through the roof because WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE AND WHY ARE YOU SO GOTDAMN FRAGILE? I started to seek out this coworker because I’m on ten & ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO FACT? I calmed down & decided I didn’t even feel like having the gotdam conversation & just removed the mark from the account. Biden was spittin fact & facts they don’t like are “divisive” or “insulting”. Currently I’m low on fucks and I can see that convo turning left quickly.

  3. mikolbee

    Karen talking about her optometrist appointment and admonishing everyone who hasn’t gotten their eye exam yet before her glasses even came in had me cackling! You got me though, I scheduled an eye exam. Love to you both.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    In my family all the women worked because I come from working class people. As domestic workers and also in offices. The good thing about it, noone expected me to be a stay at home mother because I never wanted it.
    I have despite being in a couple for 17 years always kept my own bank account and I love it.
    Interesting that you bring up Chicago. I love looking at real estate instagram for fun ( yes for fun)
    And I often wondered why you can such great houses there for an ok price.
    You can buy there a small house in good condition for 300 000 sometimes! Here in my small city no one knows in the world its at least 600 000.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I have two kids and am married. In my life it didn’t lead to me making less money and having less money , it’s quite the opposite.
    There are many different reasons for that.
    Some are in me, I know that procrastination is not an option now, if I don’t do shit immediately in two weeks it will be too much to deal with. So my work mails are always at 0 in the evening for example. This helps a lot. I think if I had always been as productive as I am now with kids I would rule the world today. ( maybe better I don’t. This seems very stressful)
    One other reason is that I know what I’m working for. The money we make is used for our family and for future investments that help us all.
    Mr Apia has this kind of german government work where he can not be fired unless he gets into serious crime.
    This gave us the possibility to buy a house early, this house is in a great location and in 13 years its value is x3 as much as we payed. If I was single I hadn’t bought so early, that’s for sure.
    But also, the kids are in a school that is good and free. They have health insurance with my insurance, it’s a free family insurance we have here.
    My life is very full but also it’s pretty good.

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