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BDS 454: The Handsdemic

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Brett Favre welfare scamming, Wade leaving TNT, Luka suing his mama, Adrian Peterson knocked out by Le’Veon Bell, Orgeron’s new boo, Anthony Edwards apologizes for homophobia, Sarver suspended for a year, Britt Reid’s plea deal, Saquon Barkley’s girlfriend, the Commanders still cheap, Anthony Davis bad luck, Donovan Mitchell traded to Browns out of spite, Steph Curry news, Russell Westbrook puts house on the market, Irvin poo poos Kaepernick, Brady marriage on the rocks, Von Miller’s haircut, Montrez Harrell arrest details, Serena could come back, UNC safety arrested for domestic violence, the Guardian cap, Dolphins parking lot fire and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!


  1. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod, Karen & J-aaron Judge.

    This has been quite a week in sports. Las Vegas shuts down their strip to celebrate the Aces wining the chip (flipping the bird to dudes who want the WNBA to fold, solely because women are hooping). A hall of fame tennis player not named Serena retired. Celtics head coach at his good, good job, making Isaiah Thomas moves, putting his junk on copy machine!
    In less exciting news. My condolences to former UCLA hooper, Jalen Hills family & others that knew of him. As someone who’s been to two different continents, five different countries. Even as a man, I didn’t go anywhere with at least a third person. The beaches of Costa Rica are beautiful & the lights of Paris are amazing. Don’t be fooled, outside of a few tourist spots, you veer away & can find yourself (even in Bosnia) thinking; “hey I’m a Black Man from —- hood. This ain’t America so I’m good.” Oh no playboy. In the states, we’re poor. These places have folks that are below that & will actually make enough money to eat for a month, taking your clothes & shoes!

    Love the work you guys do.

    Take care,


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jerm Edwards,

    Before getting into the mess, shouts out to the Las Vegas Aces on winning their first championship, the city of Las Vegas’s first championship in any sport and the new turn-up GAWD A’Ja Wilson. I know JR Smith spent a summer without a shirt, but Wilson proved she wasn’t fucking around when she started her day off tweeting about Four Loko! If there’s a level to win a championship at, Wilson done won it. Also shouts out to Becky Hammon. I gotta admit, this is a pretty dope way to start a head coaching career.

    Speaking of championships, fuck BYU’s championless asses for getting salty that South Carolina cancelled a basketball game with them for…oh yeah, a BYU fan calling a Duke volleyball player a nigger. Vernon Maxwell has never told a lie about that raggedy ass state.

    Ime Udoka. Damn homie. Last season you was the man homie: you got the Jack ‘Em Joe brothers to fix their shot selections, took Boston to the Eastern Conference Finals and was married to Nia Long…and yet still decided to set out the meat at your job. Special shouts out to all the folks who’ve admitted they fail HR training every year by trying to say Udoko’s relationship was his own business. Between this and Tatum being pissed at Boston trying to trade him, it warms my heart to see that franchise returned to the dirt. Hell, it almost made me forget about Doc Rivers learning that Twitter Likes are public.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the amazing shows,



  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J-Udoka,

    So it looks like these niggas “won” and Sarver will now sell his team and take his billions to the bank. Of course he had to condemn cancel culture which is weird because nobody is making him sell his team and rich niggas don’t get canceled. Also the irony of Udoka getting caught up and some sort of suspension coming for his role in a internal affair the next day. I say ironic because if the woman was a subordinate and rather it was consensual or not. I would think that it would fall in the same zero tolerance policy that niggas have been screaming about with these owners. However same folks that wanted Sarver gone are quiet or are doing the “What about Brett Farve?” Which is stupid because we been on Farve’s ass and shit the DOJ is on his ass too. I think they want to change the subject because they don’t see having a affair with direct report as wrong. But for real this nigga cheated on Nia Long. That shit is crazier than Kyrie Irving’s book club. They need to let this nigga go and send him where all disloyal niggas’s careers die, to the Nets.

    Anyway love the show as always.



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jme Udoka.

    Look y’all, I don’t really have much to say on the matter, because it’s pretty black-and-white to me, but, uh, in the immortal words from one Victor Samuel Mackey from one of the greatest shows in television history, The Shield, once said: “Sometimes, you just gotta let the pussy go”. Don’t be cheating on your fiancee in a job that doesn’t want y’all hooking up at work. Period. Is the suspension outstanding? Sure, but that’s his problem and he has to deal with that. Not to mention, how this’ll fuck up the locker room, due to him not knowing when to keep his dick in his pants. Team has media obligations coming up very soon, which, yeah, buddy, ya fucked up. It’s just fucking bad.

    Trying to pull the “But Brett Favre…” is stupid and lazy. Not to mention, belittling as fuck to those keeping up with both stories. We can walk and chew bubblegum, at the same time. Saw a Stephen A clip of him spinning it. No, nigga, we’re not doing this. I mean, I ain’t. Ime has to take the L. Shouldn’t be outchea trying to “Val Venis” shit at work, buddy. Put the dick away. No sympathy for him.

  5. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod, Karen, Jemoni bates!

    So the streak continues, hit that Ray Lewis drop for me one time Rod!!!!

    emoni bates, formerly of the university of memphis, recently transferred to eastern Michigan and was caught riding dirty, and fucked around and got himself arrested, caught with a firearm! He has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon and altering the identity of a firearm! And of course he has been suspended from the school! All this after a police stop where he failed to stop at an intersection. Why is it niggaz who got warrants or drugs or guns always do shit to get caught???

    Rip to jalen hill, formerly of ucla. He played along side liangelo hall and you may remember him from his biggest hit, getting arrested with liangelo in China for shoplifting. Unfortunately he had gone missing in Costa Rica, and the end result is that he is no longer with us.

    Did you guys hear, Amazon is looking into college football? I’m not sure how much success they had last Thursday, but it seems to be they are trying to expand even further. Already.

    Lastly, I know you guys do “uh oh!! These niggaz fighting!” And it’s seems like a few nfl players are premium and wanted in on the segment! This week we have Mike evans vs marathon latimore which resulted in Mike evans not only getting a one game suspension, but banned from restaurants in New Orleans! Did you guys hear that after the Arizona, Las Vegas game on Sunday, a fan slapped kyler Murray in the face? Kyler said “no hard feelings “ afterwards! Arizona is this your quarterback??

    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!

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