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TTM 100: Born 2 Die

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Greetings Rod, Bassey, and Karen’s Laugh! I’m glad we’re back for the final season of Atlanta. While I did very much enjoy the 3rd season, I do see in these first few episodes the level of high strangeness for our core characters that was somewhat lacking in Europe. I feel like this most recent episode harkens back to The Basketball Game episode where Justin Bieber was Black. We know all to well about these very young Black rappers being “mentored” by the elder statesman, who are mostly still pretty young, but their moment has passed. I genuinely wondered from the start how the show might deal with a rapper’s window passing, if they would address it at all or if this would be a fairy tale of eternal longevity. But. Can we just. *pause for dramatic effect* Have ONE! *pause for dramatic effect* Seaon of a show where Bassey doesn’t kill somebody?!? Sheesh! Does she have her own copy of the Death Note or does Light Yagami owe her a hundred favors?! Shout out to her most recent victim, RIP Little Yoddle. Love y’all!


    • SheetRock215

      Hello Rod, Bassey, and Karen’s Laugh,

      This is the best TV recap show. It’s great hearing discussion about these black shows with no agendas attached.

      One thing I wanted to mention that I believe the people presenting the Grammy for Yodel Kid at the end of this episode are the white woman who pulled the gun on the black kid and the black kid himself from Earn’s meeting.

      Anyways, have you guys given some thought on recapping Rap Sh!t? I’m not trying to make more work for y’all, I just enjoy Rap Sh!t and like hearing y’all recap tv shows. Thank you for taking the time to make this content!


  2. JasonDK

    After listening to the amazing recap and the part about Dave, I think there might be another meta-level call out about the show. Saladin K. Patterson is the showrunner for Dave, so I’m wondering if this episode is slyly saying Dave is Saladin’s YWA?

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