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2609: Ser Harwin Breakbacks

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. EvieE

    Larys is so out of pocket for killing his brother and father that he’s actually entertaining because you want to see what he’ll do next. People have so much hate toward Alicent but she’s a puppet. Rae makes so many dumb as decisions that I just can’t get behind. But I think the biggest villain in my opinion is bitch ass Criston. It can at least be argued that the other three have understandable motivations. This nigga mad because he was rejected. Fuck him. Bitch ass nigga. I hope he dies a painful death.
    Team black babies.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello King Rod and the All Knowing Queen Karen

    Daemon as a pumpkin spice drinking, white women of color, chilling with his Black babies, with his and Laena’s Shea Butter chronicles, I love it. I do think that as much as Daemon is truly able to love someone outside of himself, he did love Laena. You could see that way he smiles when she enters a room. That does speak of feeling it is only a marriage of convenience. I agree that the issue of his clear preference for Baela needs to be explained. Or maybe, they will just leave it at the child most like him is his favorite. I agree with Karen, I don’t think it is the lack of a dragon. I think Vaghar is female. That scene between her and Laena was so painful, you could tell having to do it broke Vaghar’s heart. Also, Karen is right, you could see Laena turning and looking over as the doctor pulls Daemon to the side, so she at least suspected, if not outright knew.

    Alicent, Criston and Larys are the absolute worse. She’s cooking in her spitefulness, throwing hissy-fits over the fact that Rhaenrya hasn’t been publicly stoned to death because Alicent no longer deems her worthy (yet her shielding a two vicious murderers is perfectly above board, damn hypocritical, jealous, MAGA ass self). That’s why her ass is saddled with those dimwitted, awful, and awful looking children; talking about Rhaenrya’s kids are savages. Criston, and his intel ass is still plotting to destroy Rhaenrya’s life and the lives of her uber white, Steve Martin in The Jerk, children because Rhaenrya chose a Ned herself over him. Larys and his Lttlefoot ass willing to kill the world (and his family) to get in a position of power. I can’t wait for his inevitable blackmail of Alicent to begin.

    I too am #TeamDaemon because he is the only one who is sympathetic at this point. I just hate knowing that Rhaenrya and her dumb, non-strategic, self-entitled, ass is going to find a way to drag him into her mess.

    Strangely, this show is making me want to read the book. None of the Game of Thrones seasons made me wanted to read those books. Even as I say this, I know I won’t read it cause that Nigga George R. R. Martin writes books that make Stephen King books look like pamphlets.

  3. Sean

    Episode six and it feels like we just finished the forward and read the first couple pages of chapter one.

    I think you don’t give Rhaenyra the credit she deserves… Yes, she does do some dumb shit in regard to the public face of the monarchy aspect of her job, but she is spot on in terms of policy.
    – She ended the conflict in Dragonstone peacefully before Otto could fuck it up.
    – She quickly sifted through the chaff and selected Cole (she kinda fucked that up later, but…).
    – She came up with a reasonable solution to the marriage situation that would have worked if Criston and Laenor hadn’t been such pig-headed idjits.
    – And, in this episode she sees that the best way to end the dispute is to ignore the nobles and listen to the peasants.

    On policy she is quite astute… in terms of being the public face of the monarchy, notsomuch.

    Do I think she would make a better Queen than her father was a King? Yes. Do I think that her competence is enough to stave off the “rumors” and misogyny? No.

    • Law

      Rhae-Rhae got that Westeros Twitter on fire right now. Straight up dracarys in her mentions and them gossips kept sharing memes around the kingdom, so she did what she did before the storm hit.

      Alicent was too nonchalant when walking in on her son, Captain Jackoff Sparrow. He was up there in window trying to give his seed a King’s Landing on somebody’s head. Millions of Tomlins dropping on unsuspecting, relatively innocent city-folk, and the Queen makes no mention. She reminds me of that aunty that acts like her kids can do no wrong even though they drown puppies, but wants to sue the parents of the kid that whoops her kid’s ass.

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