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2610: White Sleeping

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Why are you so LOUD Rodimus??? And so what? I have MANY other qualities, lmao.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    and why am I in the minority of people knowing how to braid hair here? I can do an ok job, not great but you didn’t ask if we could do it well. I’m confused, like with Covid.
    I can take hair, like the hair of my daughter and braid something that looks fine. Not fancy.

  3. Mwangangi

    Celsius degrees are just fat degrees (1.8x) with no hops. Fahrenheit is where it’s at for the temperature that people care about — air temperature. 100 degrees outside sounds like an actual problem whereas 38 degrees sounds like a warm ball drop on New Year’s in NYC. This is why y’all S.I. mofos can’t get any traction on climate change. Y’all not speaking to the people!

    • Mwangangi

      I’m not trying to fat shame, I was anthropomorphizing thermal measurements hyperbolically for attempted comedic effect. I apologize to anyone I’ve offended by my phrasing. Unless you like Celsius for air temperature — in that case I hope you get expatriated to a low lying Florida barrier island.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Thanks for pointing it out. This must be the reason why American people are worldwide known for caring about the environment the most and taking bold measures against global warming they all know to be a huge problem for future generations. It really works! Nearly as good as gun control in America. Btw Celsius told he, he likes to be called fat.

  4. himdeel

    Hey Y’all,

    Firs, let me say the best character in dem dragons died by her own damn dragon fire. Laena has been the, ONLY you hear me, ONLY character so far that has played “the game”…ran the Boston and tipped the fuck out smoking a blackNmild lit by, dats right, dragon FI-YA! Tell me I’m wrong…sorry you can’t, because I don’t listen or subscribe to that fake ass news! Just call her mothafuckin awesome! ABC-section, not damn today! She will forever reside in the G section, only for Gangsta ya bitches!

    Next, how dare you fix your Black moufs, pronounce the F ninja pronounce the F, to bring the glorious Team Lawrence into a conversation about these ghetto ass whites?! Team Raers-da-dick or Team Alistank ain’t nothing but some extra zesty Haters Ball in a chain linked gated trailer park. Cue the this bitch shaking the table meme and the 5 seconds of the sword ratchedness theme. Then cue the Steve Harvey oh you crazy meme. We just missing Maury right now! Put some respeck on Team Lawrence’s name but bow all the way down cuz we all know it’s team Kelli for the gawd damn win!

  5. Sean

    Also, Celsius is better than Fahrenheit. But either way, -40 is -40. [-40 is the temperature at which both Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same temperature, and I recommend not running in the snow barefoot while wearing a tank top and shorts when that happens, not that I’ve done that more than twice…]

    • ApiafromGermany

      Thank you for speaking out for the truth! And for the fun and very cool or even ice cold fact!
      Also I prefer the way we tell time.
      No pm or am. It’s a military time all the time.
      It’s 21 19 now here.
      But obviously I like American podcasts there is no “der schwarze Typ, der Trinkgeld gibt” ( TBGWT translated into German) as far as I know.

      • Sean

        Japan uses the 24h clock as well, and it’s nice. However, I had a Canadian friend who showed up at 9:30 pm for a 19:30 flight, so it can cause some confusion if you aren’t used to it…

        Also no チップする黒人(chippu suru kokujin) [TBGWT in Japanese] podcast here.

        • ApiafromGermany

          I like your style Sean.

          I just told Mr Apia the -40 Degrees fact and we are both thankful for this new knowledge. Sounds like something that might come up someday in some kind of trivia.

  6. Sean

    When you started talking about Global Warming and the hurricane it reminded me of when my area got hit by a huge typhoon in the before times (2018). Now, I live in the Kinki area of Japan (aka Kansai), and usually typhoons head straight toward us, then at the last minute they decide, “ah, they’re cool, let’s go hit Tokyo instead…” Then in 2018 this didn’t happen. I went out on my balcony because things were not strapped down tight enough. I’m trying to prevent anything from flying away getting all these pebbles and dirt flying my way. I look over the balcony and see a roof heading towards me. I mean, not a full roof, just about a third of a roof, but still. Anyway, I decided that heading inside and letting whatever wanted to fly away be free may be the better option.

    Needless to say, the increasing storms and “global climate weirding” is just gonna keep getting worse. And, it is tough, you have to convince people that you are not calling wolf while also being honest that we done fucked up, and we don’t have a Dragonstone to run and hide in… although, thanks to renovations by Daemon, I hear Dragonstone is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside…

    Also, about Rhae Rhae. I am not on her team, I just think that y’all treat her as some absent-minded negligent fool, which I don’t think she is. I don’t read the books and don’t even watch the previews, so I don’t have any more information than you, just a slightly different interpretation. Looking forward to see what Alicent’s team Real Messy Bitch that Lives for Drama is gonna do next while Viserys lets the world fester in nigh anarchy and calls it peace. More importantly, I look forward to listening to your takes, even when I disagree.

    Anyway, cheers and thanks for the informative and entertaining podcast as always…

  7. ApiafromGermany

    Corona update Germany:
    We are in a big spike.
    I had a terrible experience this week as a medical event my team organized for months had to be canceled ( or rescheduled for who knows when)
    As the two cardiologists speakers came down with Covid 2 days before. We had 50 physicians who wanted to come and we had to call everyone and say please don’t come. It was very depressing.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    Celsius is the best.
    And I can prove it.

    When does water freeze here? At 0 Celsius. So under 0 you have serious winter.

    And in America it’s 32, 5 or something stupid?
    When does water boil here? At 100 Celsius. Who knows when it does in America. If it even does. I said it.

    I always found the concept of having to find a black friend suspicious. Imagine me advertising somewhere: “looking for a friend who must be black to enrich me in the diverse way. I want to look more progressive. Don’t really care about your personality. Unless it’s black of course even if I don’t really know what that is.
    Please apply and I will choose the most black person.”

    Something about this doesn’t seem right.

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