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SMR 422: Black Adam

Rod and Karen discuss the latest entry into the DCEU “Black Adam.” We also discuss 5 Star Reviews, movie trailers and your feedback.


  1. trojanscooter

    I enjoyed this movie. It had all the action movie prerequisites: big fight scenes, explosions, corny one liners, a less than great plot, attractive supporting actress, and unexpected funny moments.

    During your review I heard Karen say Adam was overpowered but he’s actually not. In one story arc, Adam loses his wife and brother-in-law. She tells him to avenge her and he does…by killing two million people in a neighboring country by hand.

    I enjoyed Hawkman being a dick cause that’s who he’s been to Adam for decades now. He always looks for opportunities to fight Adam. Seeing Dr. Fate was a YASS moment for me. Atom Smasher and Cyclone were a good duo. It was said that we weren’t told how they got their powers but that’s inaccurate. The information was given when Kent was being chauffeured to Carter’s estate. From the moment the film wrapped and the characters involved was confirmed, I viewed the movie in the same lens as Eternals. Both had the arduous task of introducing characters/eras into cinematic universes at a time where the audience thinks they know everything but doesn’t. Finally the mid-credits scene makes some sense if you have scene the animated film Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam.


    Muddled script, dull protagonist, telegraphed (and throwaway) villain are all that put Black Adam in the “at least you tried” department for Superhero films. If this was made in 2009, it could’ve worked, but it doesn’t exactly come together. The only character that felt truly fleshed out, was Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate. Easily the most interesting person in the whole film. Would love to see a Doctor Fate film with Pierce but alas, he took an L (sigh, Goddamn it, DC) Maybe Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone but their character isn’t given enough substance. They’re fine otherwise
    The Rock is doing his usual shtick and it works well enough but after the redundant wall breaks and overuse of slow-mo, I just didn’t care for him much.

    Didn’t even care for much of this. Aldis Hodge sucked. Surprisingly sucked. Dude played a Hawkman that is just……bland. And he gets thrashed like an eSports gamer kicking a casual gamer’s ass in Tekken, Virtua Fighter or Mortal Kombat. The cameo was…..yayyyy, but spoiled by you know who.

    By the time Wakanda Forever comes out, Black Adam will be another blip on the radar forgotten and irrelevant. James Gunn and Peter Safran being with DC exclusively is great news but they have to overcome the constant incompetence of Warner Brothers, which is not easy. And they only get a four-year deal. Remember when David Zaslav said he had a ten-year plan for DC? Good luck, guys.

  3. NatashaP

    I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Lots of fights, lots of comedy beats, and most importantly, lots of men to objectify! Aldis, silver fox Pierce, the Rock’s shoulders, and the major league eye candy in the stinger made me quite happy.

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