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2620: ToenlyFans

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. Mwangangi

    She [Big Rhae] shoulda burned all they asses to a crisp and sat the throne until Lil’ Rhae came to negotiate

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    This episode was good, but for all the reasons you mentioned, I can’t say I enjoyed it.

    Alicent came across like a Libertarian, a Republican in denial, at best and like those Republicans who claim to support the right things and then vote lock-step with every policy that screams white supremacy. She is down for the evil, but doesn’t want to be held accountable for the fallout.

    Larys is a foot fettishizing sociopath, who lacks any other motivation. Criston is a psychopath who is inexplicably allowed to literally get away with murder.

    The show gave Rhaenys a Bad Bitch moment, then proceeded to have her not be a Bad Bitch; meaning when the inevitable happens and her granddaughters become collateral damage, it will be just as much on her as the usurpers of Viserys’s throne.

    I was hoping for more. Hopefully, the final episode will deliver.

  3. mizzbarnes

    (In a creepy-ass voice Lord Larys voice)
    “Girl, take off that Sheer Energy….”
    That was all I heard in my head when I saw Alicent kick up her feet…ugh!

  4. EvieE

    Larys killed his own father and brother just to jack off to some feet. How disappointing.

  5. msmarysmile

    Do you know my closed caption translated Allicent’s response to Aegon’s question do you even love me as ‘imbecile’-both times I watched it!

  6. Sean

    Was I surprised that Larys wasn’t vanilla? not really…
    Was I surprised he was into feet? not really…
    Was it some of the creepiest sexual stuff in HotDragon thus far? kinda… it fits into the pattern of not-exactly-consensual sex in this series… but you may want to consult Justin on his expert opinion of what makes a foot sexy…

    I agree that a nice big dragon fight for the finale would be perfect. I hope that they keep Mysaria “dead” and save the shadow war, between Larys and Mysaria, for season two…

  7. Law

    Yo Roddenkaren

    Alicent has been dutiful in every way and it’s caused trust issues on more than one front. Knowing Alicent wouldn’t bend kept Rhae Rhae from trusting her with the truth. It’s probably why Alicent’s father is keeping sneaky shit from her, too. They all keep her out of the loop like that auntie that has a Bible verse for every sin you do.

    Ser Criston’s anger issues seem like something they’re all used to now. This dude catches bodies too casually for me though. Or maybe it’s the WAY he’s catching these bodies. He never seems regretful either. Homie was prepared to take a child’s eye just a few episodes ago and doesn’t even wait for commands before he acts now. He smashed that old man’s face into a cake that wasn’t even there. Just a big ass marble.

    Aemond is still an enigma to me, but I’m looking forward to some badassery from him. Auntie Rhae made a point when she crashed in there with that dragon, but that’s the kind of thing that makes people take “precautions” the next time they try you. She pretty much aimed a winged missile at King Quagmire and that’s not something they’ll forget. Hopefully she survives the next plot, but… You know. It’s Game of Thrones.

    Fun recap as usual. Stay healthy and blessed.

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