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PG 351: They Just Turned White And Disappeared

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Kanye West, Tyler James Williams’ freestyle, LA Leakers, Riff Raff, massages, Hornets games, guest cancels on the show, Sherman’s Showcase, God Forbid, controversial guests, keeping your integrity despite pushback and listener feedback.


  1. RoninRaphael

    What’s good my favorite podcast cousins,

    I was glad to hear that you enjoyed the God Forbid documentary. I was just laughing at that Cuban faking surprise although I give him cred for the first time that he turned up to the Falwells abode and was like there’s no Black people here! His sister seemed to want to say this boy is clearly thinking with his dick.

    Anyway, after watching Wakanda Forever, if you want a different documentary that isn’t American but speaks to some of what’s happening here. I give you “Europe Shifting Immigration Policy” it can be watched on youtube https://youtu.be/WF6e3v81FBU

    Have a great weekend & week!

  2. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Justin, and Karen.

    Hope yall doing well. Election week always got my anxiety on lock. and im writing this on tuesday of the election so hopefully by next thursday of next week yall good. I aint know Tyler James William had flow like this! Maybe he can be the next Drake since folks now mad at the new Drake.

    Also I know yall talked about former governor Blackface a lot. Do yall remember his Deputy that was accused of rape, and was caught on a hot mic calling one of the accusers a bitch? Apprently the FBI is looking into the claim with possible ties to other politicians trying to use it to sink his career.

    Idk if its true or not. But if it is thats honestly wild. and I hope he can get justice. Fairfax is implicating Mccaulife in this so its just a lot.

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