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BDS 461: I Just Exist

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Josh Primo cut from Spurs, Kyrie Irving suspended for antisemitic film promotion, Ime Udoka hired by Nets, D Wade sued by ex-wife over Zaya name change, Brett Favre in a new scandal, Lebron no longer rooting for Cowboys, Tom Brady is friends with DeSantis, Britt Reid gets 3 years, Hope Solo arrested again, Deion won’t let team leave hotel in wake of Takeoff’s death, the Commanders for sale while under investigation, NBA Younboy threatens Dejountae Murray, 300K Scottie Pippen game, IG Alize Jane model pregnant, 17 year old arrested for shooting Brian Robinson Jr, Aaron Rodgers getting some blowback, Joy Taylor Halloween costume, city tries to write in Josh Allen as mayor, Jay-Z and Bezos interested in buying Commanders, Russell Wilson and Miles Bridges pleads no contest.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jrooklyn Nets,

    I hope all is well.

    It’s a good thing the Brooklyn Nets don’t have any fans cuz I wouldn’t be able to wear Nets gear if my team gave up 153 whole ass points in regulation. A team of Kevin Durant and a bunch of nobodies gave up an All Star game score to the 2022 Sacramento Kings. Although being cheeks *on* the court might take some attention away from the tire fire they’ve been off the court. Do y’all think Kyrie is going to actually do all those things and come back? And would it be the most Kyrie thing ever that if he came back he ended up getting hurt?

    A few years ago, fade route prosperity preacher Dabo Sweeny said he would quit coaching football if players ever got paid. And then NIL happened and Dabo kept coaching Clemson football. So the Lord said unto Notre Dame, “Go forth and trample they asses” and that’s what happened. Dabo Sweeny losing will always put a smile on my face.

    Thanks for the dope shows as always and hell yeah for protecting y’all peace, time and sleep.




    What up Rod, Karen and Jurner Sports (or JarnerMedia)

    Knew these tax write-off having bastards would come for sports next, I just thought they’d come for it at another time. When David Zaslav said “We Don’t Need The NBA”, the “Nigga, What” went off in my hippocampus. But, y’all NEED that soon-to-be-terrible Flash film with one Ezra Miller, right? The NBA has been the bread and butter of Turner Sports since forever. NASCAR was kinda that for them, until, it wasn’t. It’s where Ernie Johnson has been a lifer there for so long. They gave that team a contract extension w/Inside The NBA for a decade, yet you probably won’t have them within a year or so. Imagine Ernie, Shaq, Chuck and Kenny talkin’ hoops but don’t lead into any games because the “genius” at Warner Bros Discovery, wanted to cut costs at the company.

    Incompetence Has A Price, that’s been their moniker since the AOL merger in 2000. Been merging with other entities like Nick Cannon and Elon Musk spreading their seeds around like its Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. Cutting jobs, ending shows, but, y’all don’t need the NBA. But you think MLB, NHL and College Basketball will save you?

    Zaslav ain’t that bright, man. Then again, he loves that whiteness. Bringing his frugality into this business doesn’t work. But again, this is what this network has done forever. If they can get rid of HBO Boxing, spend an extra $70M on a Justice League film nobody watched on HBO Max, get rid of WCW, tax write-off Batgirl, demerge from AT&T because of debt, then impossible is nothing for these idiots.

    And they’re gonna do it. Matter of fact, they will do it. DPalm is a better Warn a Brother tracker than me and he’ll be cackling like a stoner once this happens. I’d say it’s sad but nah, this is what they do, been doing. I know NBC been thirsting for the NBA for 20 years and would love to get back into the fold. Might bring in the Inside The NBA talent somehow. Comcast got money and WB can’t manage shit, especially, where they’ve been untouchable for so long. SMH. Take it easy, y’all.

  3. fyahworks

    What’s good in the hood, Rod, Karen and Jony brothers…

    Being that we missed a week some of these stories might be a tad bit old, but I thought this one was funny.
    Spencer dinwiddie claims ref Tony brothers called him a bitch ass mother fucker after hitting him with a tech! I can see a world where this did happen! The story never real grew legs but had he said he called me a bitch ass nigga, we might have been cooking with grease, lol

    Oh Ben Gordon, you ain’t learn from the airport? Now you in McDonalds punching security guards? Rod, hit me with that Ray Lewis one time!

    Lastly I want to channel my inner Rod, I have a random thought! I saw a video on Instagram where a man was feeding rams and goats and one just keep charging and running into him over and over! He just got up and continued to feed the animals, till he got fed up and went after the one that kept ramming into him! My question or thought is! Do rams, bulls, and other animals who charge and hit Shìt with their head suffer from cte? I know that shit hurts what ever it hits! It even made me think of Alfred/paper boii and the boar that was hitting him.

    If nfl players catching cte with helmets on, what’s going on with this animals???

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

    • fyahworks


      Rest in peace to those 3 football players all under 21 that lost their lives at the university of Virginia!

  4. Sofa_King

    Since y’all are all locals, I was hoping to hear how y’all feel about all of NBA Twitter clowning the Hornets’ City Edition jerseys? Having had to make connecting flights through Charlotte back I was still on active duty, I was already aware that CLT is the code that is used at the airport there, but apparently that ain’t gonna stop niggas from getting these jokes off!

  5. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen and Jyrie.

    The Washington Commanders have retired the Hail to the R******* fight song, as they should. It seems like a local crew of folks have made a new song for the Commanders . It’s actually solid from a song making standpoint. But it is full of falsehoods, and relies on a lot of past glory, and name dropping of folks who ain’t played in years, which makes it a funny listen. Also because it’s niggas, the song and video are automatically hilarious to me, we go all out when we decide to do something. Somebody uncle is living out all his musical dreams, they even got some autotune on it. I don’t know if it will catch on in the area but I do appreciate the effort, and it’s a good example of how you can be a sports fan without being toxic. Aight y’all I’m out, the link is included below.

    -Cory AKA Monk


  6. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen & Jrake,

    Look, I’m about a month behind, so I’m on the episode where Lebron James showed some support for Tory Lanez (rapper who shot Meg the Stallion). It just so happens that this week in fuckery, Drake and 21 Savage came out with a song that joked on Meg getting shot.

    Two things are true: 1. I thoroughly enjoy Tory Lanez music, and 2. Tory Lanez is a terrible person and consistent troll and gaslighter that needs to pay for his assault of Meg the Stallion.

    I have listened to Tory for the last few years. I really do like his music, I remember when he came out, and I enjoyed seeing him get his shine, AT THE TIME. But as soon as I heard about Tory’s assault of Meg, I turned off. The music that I have already purchased, I sometimes listen to an dance along. But at no point will I offer a single red cent to Tory, not a single, album, or concert sale. Do I think my couple of cents of royalties (or lack of) make a difference? Idk, but what I DO know is I am making a conscious effort to not support those that would not support me.

    Which brings me to DRAKE’s ASHY ASS. It pains me to say this, but if this is the type of shit he’s on, then I really don’t want any parts of him either. Rap music has always taken advantage and exploited black women, but this latest stunt by Drake and Savage is below low. It’s really terrible.

    I’ve loved Drake since my first deployment in 2009, I’ve bought every album, and I’ve jammed to every hit he’s had. But no one is above reproach, and this is a turning point for me and Champagne papi. Im done with him. His last few albums been off anyway. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

    As far as Lebron goes, he better be fuckin careful. These niggas aren’t gonna put any money in his pocket if he starts to show too much support to anti-semites (COUGH KYRIE IRVING) or men that assault and attack women. I’m a true BDS listener so IDGAF about sports and I don’t have no funds to pull, but 20 years of goodwill can be destroyed in a couple of misdirected TikTok’s. Don’t let Instagram make you broke.

    Thats it. I’m mad. I hope y’all have a wonderful day and a wonderful show. I appreciate you reading my feedback, even if you don’t agree and clown me for listening to tiny Tory LOL. Talk to you soon!

    – Kiara

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