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TTM 105: The Goof Who Sat By The Door

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. RoninRaphael

    Hey Bassey , Rod and Karen’s laughter.

    I wasn’t sure if I had missed this episode or not at first hahaha. Man, this Goof episode almost had me embracing the 5% nonsense that kyrie be about for a second but the end brought me back to earth and was the reason why I didn’t bother to lookup if there truly was a Black CEO by that name.

    Danny Glover and the whole Atlanta team are in my category of “must checkout ” whatever they put out. I went through all the emotions and still ended up satisfied with a smile on my face at the end. Let me go catch the next episode now. Thank you for your awesome recap guys!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Bassey and Karen’s Infectious Laugh,

    Thank you for theee best recap show! I am so sorry to see Atlanta end. I think I will miss your recaps more than the show! The Goof Who Sat by the Door had me in my feelings. I learned so much from listening to you two discuss it.

    Today, I happened to be watching Making Black America. In one episode, Black folks were having a political convention in Gary, IN. The mayor of Gary, who was Black, was speaking and I saw the microphone of a news network. The initials of the network were BAN. I about fell out. I don’t know if BAN was a Black station, but it was a blackity-Black event and I can’t imagine white media covering it, but I also can’t imagine us having a station to ourselves. I did wonder if the writers were aware of this. (I attached a screenshot).

    I also loved the Andrew Wyeth episode. I was scared the whole episode because farms are indeed dangerous as hell and knew that tractor was going to turn over on him. My husband almost lost a foot when a tractor turned over on him when he was a teen. Those backhoes are definitely not loyal.

    Thank you for an amazing time discussing this stellar show!

    Love you guys,

  3. Forest

    Re Ep 9:

    Hey R&B (and Karen’s laugh)

    It’s starting to sink in how this show is coming to an end. I’m really gonna miss the way they swing for the fences while being rooted in blackness. It’s truly something special.

    Now, on this episode. I will never not be scared for Al in the woods. It’s such a stark contrast to what we just saw with Earn’s family and their idyllic experience. Al made it out relatively okay, but damn that was a lot. Looking forward to hearing what y’all got from it.

    On another note, the season for Interview With The Vampire just wrapped on AMC plus and as folks who enjoy good tv, I think y’all might dig it. They made some significant changes from both the book and movie. So, it’s not a retread. Plus, making one of the main characters Black and overtly queer and changing it to the Jim Crow era New Orleans rather than the antebellum period gives the show a chance to deal with race, sexuality and trauma in some interesting ways . It’s pretty character driven and a unique spin on a vampire story. So, that’s the elevator pitch for y’all to check it out.

    Whatever y’all choose to cover next, I’ll be supporting. Have a great one!

  4. Sean

    I was actually searching for something else (related to a textbook I’m righting, but that’s not important), but I typed Thomas into the search bar shortly after this episode aired. The first suggestion to pop up was “was Thomas Washington real” followed by “who was Thomas Washington based on”

    I think Donald Glover may have broken the internet.

  5. paytonjr

    Great podcast as usual.

    By the way, “BreakIt Down” is not the name of that Tevin Campbell song. It’s called “Shh”.

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