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TNO 192: It’s Giving Expecto Patronum Realness

Rod, Karen, LJ and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn heading up DC, Stargirl canceled, G4 TV shuts down, Petition to change Halloween Ends, Apple agrees to comply with cord rules, Vision getting a Disney+ series, Avatar will be over 3 hours, Marvel and EA agree to 3 game deal, Twitch streamer surgery update, Gamergate radicalized Pelosi attacker, Lupita Nyong’o Quiet Place spin-off, Venom 3, Sausage Party getting series at Amazon, Matthew Perry disses Keanu, The Sandman getting renewed, Microsoft gaming updates, Warner Bros will concentrate on new Harry Potter and Superman movies, Elon Musk fucking up Twitter, The Callisto Protocol getting a podcast, The Last Of Us series coming in January, Sony PS VR2 will be 550, Embracer Group shuts down Square Enix Montreal, Bayonetta voice acing update, Hideo Kojima getting offers for studio, Square Enix NFT announcement, Tuca & Bertie canceled, The Russo’s need a break, PS5 passes 25 million units sold, Modern Warfare 2 sets record, Black Adam wins box office again, Gotham Knights getting patches, Westworld canceled, Dodgeball sequel and Green Lantern TV show gets new direction.


  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Gonna keep it short since I’m still tired as hell working long days. Didn’t realize working on an anime movie was this much work lol.

    I have to say, andor is now my favourite star wars thing ever. Of all the star wars things it is such a breath of fresh air to not have jedi, the force or any of that magical stuff. Just straight up niggas doing dirt for the greater good. Of all the star wars thing it’s feels the most genuine in embracing what fighting against an empire actually entails and what it means for people on the ground and not just chosen ones fulfilling prophecies. Can’t say more than that, just goated.

    And lastly, Wakanda forever is now in my top 3 MCU movies. So much to love there and getting to reckon with Chadwick’s passing in this was was incredibly cathartic. It’s absolutely incredible what Ryan managed to achieve here. Loved looking at namors chest the whole movie and Lupita’s thangs were thanging haha.

    Btw rod the limited run wakanda series that has been coming out has been actual good black panther comics in case you hadn’t already checked them out. Evan Narcisse writing the hell outta the wakanda lore and Stephanie Williams wrote a dope little shuri story. Just wish the main book was as enjoyable and hope ridley leaves as soon as possible. Would legit prefer Hudlin back after reading what he’s doing at milestone bruh.

    Ok, Love y’all Felix out.

  2. rodimusprime

    How’s it going everyone 

    How fucking good was Andor. Episode 10 I was cheering em on like I was watching one of my sports teams as they were making their way up the building.

    Such a good season & they started filming season 2 a few days ago.

    I really enjoyed Wakanda Forever. Namor was introduced really well & dude did a great job playing him. 

    I’m don’t think they could’ve done a much better job then they did with the movie with of handling Bosemans passing & also moving the MCU along. 

    I also started playing that let’s build a zoo. I think Karen was saying she tried it & moved on. 

    They don’t give the best instructions in it, but once I got the hang of it I was fine. Been playing for nearly a month now. There’s this part in it that lets you check the animals status in wild from healthy population down to extinct in the wild. 

    So I’ve been breeding & getting all the animals lvls back up to healthy to help save em all. 

    & the new Pokémon game came out on the switch last week. So I’m still early into that & will start saving up the version exclusives to trade with Bacon later on. 


  3. Sofa_King

    Let me just say upfront that I respect the fact that you don’t discuss personal stuff on the podcast, when it comes to when and if you fall out with people who used to be regulars on the show, so the only reason I’m even asking this question is because, as near as I can tell, you all still have a good relationship, but when do you think we might see Kriss from MTR Network back on The Nerd Off?

  4. RoninRaphael

    Greetings Awesome Nerds,

    I type while preparing my outfit for Wakanda Forever. I’m with Karen on that nonsense by Sony with their fake bootleg MCU and what pisses me even more is a bunch of media people legitimizing them. I recall when Sony cast Bhad Bunny in one of their soon to be a disaster Spidey spinoffs. One of the major entertainment news pages had the headline on their Twitter page “Marvel casts Bhad Bunny as it’s first Latino superhero.” I clicked quickly and as soon as I read it was Sony, I was out. That wasn’t MCU casting, pure fraud!

    I’ve been loving Andor, Episode 9 conversation about what have you lost or sacrificed? So gooood. I’m definitely going to write that dialog. That’s definitely my favorite Star Wars.

    Great show as always. Wakanda Forever!!!

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