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2631: Pokemon Go To Jail!

Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey ruined Twitter, Polish leader blames low birth rate on drunk women, world’s dirtiest man dies months after bath, Jalen Rose apologizes for Udoka comments, KY student arrested for racist outburst, TN sideline reporter resigns over old N-word tweets, robber with bad communication skills, man arrested selling fake Pokemon cards, Detroit rapper on the run after fraud scheme and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I almost got fooled by a ghost kitchen. I saw on yelp that there was a Mr Beast burger in my area and I thought they were only on the west coast so I wanted to give it a shot but I thought it was funny that I’d never seen the store where the map said it was. Found out it was in a damn Bertucci’s. I was disappointed.

    I knew Twitter was going to be a hot mess after the introduction of paid check marks but I never could have predicted the torrential shit storm and people actually sinking stocks of major corporations because of fake tweets. And Elon is treating this like a joke. He’s tweeting as much as trump used to and I think it’s mainly him trying to save face but he looks like a damn fool. What a loser.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Can I do something to not be in the same category as Elon? ( maybe get a pass for being European or something? )Because I don’t share his beliefs at all.
    And I have at least known many powerful business people in my area and I agree 100%. Many aren’t as smart as you would think. They got successful and often it was luck and now they have the ” smart bonus”, people expect them to be smart even if they are chaotic, petty and short sighted. That’s why I hate it when people call regular folks, mostly men a genius. No.

    • Sean

      Elon literally started his wealth on racism (apartheid). He then got really lucky in the dotcom bubble. The irony that an “Edison” (someone who got rich off of patenting other people’s inventions) running Tesla is deep.

      That being said, there are very few people who actually get rich through their own genius, and they tend to be looked down on. Beyonce, Prince, Oprah, Serena, and Tyler Perry are some examples of people who got rich through work, but they seem to be less respected than people like Musk and Jobs who got rich off of patenting other people’s work, or even Buffet who got rich through the stock market.

      As far as the term genius goes, I think the problem is the idea of general intelligence. While someone like Ye may be a musical genius, he is completely mentally deficient in almost every other aspect of his life. Understanding Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences may allow the reclamation and de-weighting of the term genius. Genius should not be a license for assholery.

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