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Has our show ever made you laugh out loud in an inappropriate place?


  1. bamil73

    Every time you talk about Kanye and and his anti-Semitic ramblings this inappropriate meme or cartoon idea pops into my head. I would never try to create it and release it into the wild but I’m sure other people have had the idea before. It could be that I’ve seen something like it before but don’t remember actually seeing it. Anyway it would be a white man in klan regalia or some neo-nazi skinhead looking pensive while listening to an anti-Semitic Kanye (or Kyrie) rant and the thought bubble says: “This n*gger spittin'” and it has to be the hard R for it to work.


  2. Sean

    In reply to the poll –
    I may have been stopped by the police while walking in a park at 3am laughing at your podcast… but, I live in Japan, so the police are mostly harmless. So, I guess my answer is yes…

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I campaign for the creation of new category of white : the non American white. Like African American but the opposite.
    It’s not that we don’t have for examples of racism. We do have racists here for sure. But things are different.
    1. We for the most dont have guns.
    2. The Christians here are way softer and don’t spread hate in general.
    3. We didn’t have slaves. ( lots of other terrible things just not this one)
    4. Pretty much everyone rich or poor goes to a public school because they are mostly good.
    5. Our police doesn’t kill people of color or people without color so much.

    You can shorten it to NAW.
    Think about it at least.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    As for a sandwich I like to put Sambal Oelek on everything. On a cheese sandwich with tomatoes for example.
    Or I do backed Camembert cheese and put grapes on it.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Rod, I don’t have eggs in my kitchen because after the birth of my first child my body decided that I can’t eat them anymore. I get real bad stomach pain for hours and even red spots on my skin.
    This was not fun as I liked them before and i sometimes forgot think that eggs are in a dish like with a mousse. A small amount of mayonnaise might be fine because it’s highly processed and the proteins in it denatured but now my body developed a disgust for everything with eggs it’s quite interesting from the psychological angle. So thats how far away from American mayonese white I am. I’m allergic.

  6. DrUzo82

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    You and any of your listeners (that use insulin or know someone who does) should know that thanks to the American Recovery Act, monthly insulin costs will be capped at $35 starting in January 2023. As a physician (yes the “Dr” part of my handle is real) my patients and I have been excited to finally have this lifesaving medication actually be affordable. Thanks Joe Biden!

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