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2636: The Take Backsies Law

Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, Coronavirus News, rumor of Bey and Jay planning new album, Cheetos Dusters, approved food for air travel, Chris Brown AMA controversy, Kanye says he’s running for president again, FAMU grad finally getting degree, Tiffany Cross suing MSNBC, Elon Musk stops at Alex Jones, woman uses bees to sting cops, anti-helmet lawyer dies the way you expect him to, woman chokes Uber driver and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Some people are saying that Elon is deliberately trying to tank Twitter by bringing all those right wing accounts back but I think they are giving him way more credit than he deserves. He’s like trump, he’s an entitled white man with money who thinks they have the answers and he’s finding out the hard way that he’s not that smart but instead of taking advice from the people who know what they’re doing he’s white manning this out. He may as well bring Alex Jones back since he brought back Kanye and Trump. He’s going to make Twitter worse until he has no choice but to sell it at a loss.

  2. himdeel

    Hey Y’all!

    First I don’t understand the Chris Brown booing. And it just reminds me that people only want restoration justice when it applies to them. I don’t know Chris Browns body of work like some folks younger than me and he just wasn’t my guy R&B wise, but I know by my relation to our culture that dude makes good music and can dance his ass off. And I would have liked to see his performance, which I would’ve caught on YouTube. I ain’t watching no awards shows. Hope he would release his planned performance separately someplace so we can all choose to see it or not.

    Also that FamU masters student that wouldn’t be awarded her degree for the IG photos is bullshit. As an HBCU grad I also know they can be conservative as hell, Christian leaning, with some old ass out of touch Black people “leading” and spending too much time holding up another Black Womans academic progress. That to me is disgusting. Rod you commenting to say through the conversation “…it’s her body…” but by their action they are clearly saying it isn’t. She doesn’t have the right to do with her body what she wants or express herself in a way she chooses, how she chooses. Again, disgusting but not unexpected to me. Because I guarantee someone said to someone else in the leadership at FamU “we will show her”. Show her what? Y’all niggas is dumb and ain’t working. And all they did was show they nigga ass for all to see, wasting time energy, and space on nothing. How many dudes did they keep from graduating with they balls out somewhere on IG? I’ll wait. No I won’t. How many fuckers have committed whole ass sexual assaults walked they ass across a stage and got a degree without their academic progress be interrupted. I bet the answer is zero. Somebody at FamU thought they were doing something by taking this action. Saying it with my whole chest. Shame FamU. Do better and don’t get in the way of your graduates.

    Rod that white woman in Guess the Race that put the bees on them cops is that 15th member of the Wu Tang Killer Bees! She is a gawd damn super villain! You heard me?! Think about this, she had time to put on a whole bee keeper suit while her bee goons put in work. She probably narrated what she was going to do while she was putting on the suit and gave away her master plan. “Oh you’re allergic, good!” Super Villian bars.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    The pfitzer vaccine was developed by two scientists of Turkish origin in Germany. I know German people are also known for murdering people ( holocaust) as are Turkish people( Armenian genocide) just on other continents.
    So thats not really helpful.
    But I’m also not sure if it’s on other countries to convince the vaccine skeptics that the vaccine is safe. It’s not like this is working out great at home.
    I dont see what else can be done besides offering the vaccines for free.

    But what else can you do?

  4. Justin

    Not only did many countries not have the infrastructure to hand out the vaccine.

    Not everyone in those countries were going to take said vaccines.

    I have multiple family members in the Caribbean who would never take the vaccine, u less they really felt like they were going to die, or if they got a chance to come to the US.

    Then you top the fact that for years you have people saying “The US has been murdering black people in Africa with fake vaccines”, you have a bunch of people who w po uld never take a vaccine developed by an American country.

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