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SMR 425: The King’s Man

Rod is back with a solo review of the action prequel movie “The King’s Man.”



    Saw this nearly a year and I still maintain: Rasputin should’ve been the true means to an end here. The thrill in this series is more empty than Tyrese’s acting depth.

    Also, its attempt at tugging at heartstrings? This is not what the series does, really. I mean, the kid dying midway was an admirable choice, it just didn’t lead to much, imo. What started out so promising with Kingsman 1, ended quietly with this unnecessary prequel. Then again, considering it was an old IP-relic from FOX before Big Dick Mickey bought that studio, I say good riddance.

  2. RoninRaphael

    agreed on the twist. I did not see that coming from miles away. That’s the most memorable thing from the movie for me. I couldn’t recall the rest of that movie until today. Saw it one time and went to sleep, forgot about it. I would have preferred a 3rd movie to a prequel.

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