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PG 353: Love Should’ve Brought TJ Holmes Last Night

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s new mic, Thanksgiving, She Hulk, Andor, The Order of Myths, Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich, Pepsi Where’s My Jet, Is That Black Enough For You?, The Texas Killing Fields, listener comments, pregame news and TJ Holmes.


  1. rodimusprime

    Karen, Rod and Jeon Janders!

    I’mma be brief. As much as I love getting the bag, I don’t like people playing in MY face. As much as I allow room for growth, I am old enough to rest on the receipts. Prime (and Kanye), told us who they were and planned to be, a long time ago. Prime lied on the imaginary man in the sky which happens twice a day every Sunday in most churches but it’s still foul. People can be disappointed because people can have feelings and reactions.

    When people have feelings, it’s not cool to dismiss them. I don’t like to see folks touchdown dancing on my feelings, nay, CONCERNS about how this will impact a community I am connected to and concerned about. Cus for real, who is going to pay for the upkeep on all that NEW stuff JSU just got? But…I can’t control their reactions.


    For years, I have been one of these HBCU (and D9), folks trying to be nice to non-HBCU folks, letting little uninformed slick shyt slide. But what I have seen in this whole sportsball thing took me out! I really didn’t know so many people felt so outside of the perceived circle of camaraderie across HBCU’s. I know they hate Howard, Spelhouse, Hampton, FAMU, and maybe Tuskegee and NCA&T. But yo! People really hate the HBCU whole crop and take any opportunity to speak on why white is better or, at the very least, devalue HBCUs. It’s not even misinformation either. It’s anti-Blackness.


    Ms. Smart

  2. Sean

    That mic is great. I ordered a Shure MV7 for research purchases just before listening to this show. It’s a solid mic, but I’m not sure if it is on the same level as Justin’s.

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