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BDS 463: Jerry Jones Was In Racial Chatrooms Showing Feet?!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Commanders song, Jerry Jones racial picture controversy, Larsa Pippen, Ben Watson don’t play about his wife, NBA trainer arrested for rape, Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner break up, Melvin Gordon says goodbye, Mel Tucker keeping all the change, Nia Long speaks on Udoka cheating scandal, Deshaun Watson accusers will attend his first game back, Jalen Kitna arrested on child porn charges, Antonio Brown has warrant out for arrest, Deion Sanders might leave, Russell Wilson bday party, Miles Sanders’ ex exposes their dms, Justin Jefferson’s dms exposed over an abortion, Aaron Rodgers’ conspiracy theories, Favre wants case dismissed, Panther’s fan caught being a creep, Brittany Mahomes has second baby, Zach Wilson, Hayward’s wife puts Hornet’s on blast, Lamar Odom says Suns mascot is racist and Jamaal Tinsley wouldn’t shower with team.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jicah Parsons,

    I hope all is well.

    First and foremost, I am so happy that Brittney Griner is coming home alive and hopefully as well as someone who got hemmed up by Russia could be. As someone who didn’t learn my politics from memes and retweets some of these ashy bastards, I was worried she wasn’t ever coming home, especially not as a political prisoner during a war. Shouts out to Biden and the State Department for getting Griner home. As happy as I am to see Griner back home, I am equal parts apoplectic and confused by folks shucking n jiving so hard they tap danced clean across the Bering Strait and are caping up for fucking *Russia*. How the fuck dare these niggas! And I mean that for whatever reason they’re doing it: be they a coon like Enamel Acho; be they homophobic cuz Griner is gay and masc presenting; or even if they’re just mad that Biden didn’t live tweet the negotiations 3rd hand like Trump would have: fuck them niggas.

    And Micah Parson can do a backflip in a cactus patch for his stupid ass tweet, which led me to learn about him sexually harassing his former teammates at Penn State to the point that they transferred. And Boomer Esiason, along with all that acreage he calls a forehead can join Parsons too.

    – Feelings on Deion leaving JSU
    I feel for everybody else who is sad or disappointed in how Prime left Jackson State. I always thought Prime would dip for a better job after his sons ran outta eligibility but I definitely didn’t think he’d be gone after 2 seasons. He damn near was slapping a Wrap It Up Box during the SWAC trophy ceremony. As much as I love college football and was curious as to how folks would take Sanders leaving JSU, Prime ain’t have to sell himself as some Messianic figure trying to uplift all HBCUs and that’s what bothers me about how he left.

    And as someone deep in the college football weeds, I am especially curious to see how Prime handles losing, cuz the Pac-12 was one of the best conferences this year and Colorado was stank ass trench mud, catching boot print after boot print to the face.

    It feels so strange to see the Cavs balling with LeBron in the building but it not be cuz of LeBron and even weirder to see LeBron on the losing side of the Cavs offense *fucking cooking!* Good gawd this team is fun to watch! I am so glad the Cavs saved Donovan Mitchell from Rocky Boston. I’ve heard Donovan’s scoring doesn’t make his teammates better and my counterpoint would be that don’t matter if everyone is already good! Being at the top of things is fucking awesome. I always forget where the Nets are in the standings other than somewhere behind the Cavs. What do y’all think Kyrie is gonna do now that he’s “free” from Nike?

    And with the holidays around the corner: is there is anything more Pat Bev than telling his kids Santa ain’t bring them shit but that is *him*? At least he defends his kid’s imaginations better than he does the Cavs offense.

    Thank you as always for the dope shows and for that sale on Premium!

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!



  2. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen, and J Sanders,

    First I want to shout out BG for finally being able to come home. Everyone wanted to give Biden and his administration the blame for not getting her home sooner. So they need to give him all the credit for getting her home. Secondly, this part might be long and I apologize. I know folks have been talking about Deion Sanders leaving JSU for Colorado. I admit I am not a HBCU grad so maybe it’s not my fight and I initially thought Prime was all in it for himself. I had a change of heart when it really seemed like being at JSU was his “calling”. So it was disappointing to see him leave under the circumstances. Also I felt like people completely jumped the shark and all context was lost on those defending him. I think Bomani had the best nuance explanation for the situation. However CNN did Bo dirty with the whole sellout marquee at the bottom. I have not heard one person call Sanders that. The only time I have heard that mention was from Sanders himself and CNN. Now that is not to say that it didn’t happen but I do feel like it is way more of Prime centering himself as a sympathetic figure in all of this. My issue with the whole ordeal has been how quickly a lot of black people started sounding like white people. From bashing JSU and HBCUs and blaming them for their lack of finances and the ability of alumni to give back. Just last week everyone was talking about how the net worth of white households is 10x that of black households and not to mention that states at best underfund HBCUs and at worst just literally steal their funding and use it elsewhere. Then they almost add a savior type story to Sanders by saying all that he had done for JSU. Even some stuff that was not even him like the TV deal that was actually Byron Allen. I do think Prime did good things for JSU but I also think alot of the good things he did were beneficial for him in the long run. I hate the argument that he set the foundation and that any HBCU or shoot even JSU could do it next year. Which to me sounds like what white people say when one black person is able to make it in their spaces. That if one can do it then we all should be able to do it completely ignoring the barriers that prevent us from making it in the first place. I get why he took the job but I am sad the conversation around it turned so anti-black. I apologize for being long. Love the show as always.


  3. Mdiarra

    Hey yall,

    Brittney Griner is free and folks already wilding out with takes. First of all I feel like folks who just tap in without knowing any facts be the most frustrating. The “Finally Bout time Joe did something” people the most frustrating because if you even watched the news you know what Biden and them put on the table MONTHS ago to try to get both Brittney and Paul out.

    Now Folks gonna freak out about an arms dealer being let out. I am assuming an arms dealer whos been in jail since 2008 is not the plug anymore but maybe im wrong. We shall see.

    I wish folks would celebrate this win but you know the Agendasâ„¢ be working overtime. I hope she makes a speedy recovery and away from the limelight for awhile. Cause I know the questions they about to ask Brittney when shes back home is finna be vicious.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Jritney Griner,

    As my man Plues put it, Big Steak Biden done for our girl Britney Griner out!! I know you all are gonna cover it at length, so I’ll keep this email short. But I’m glad that Britney will be with her wife and family soon, and I’m glad the Biden Administration got this win!!

    – Kiara

  5. JLCauvin

    Thankfully and finally went premium (more time to add stuff to my rotation) and I forgot from the free BDS you put up a few years ago how hilarious just the intro is.

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jyrie Irving,

    Thankfully I’m just one week behind on BDS, but goddamn if Kyrie Irving hasn’t been a part of the top news stories for the last month. Now listen, I’m not even gonna pretend I know who this man really is outside of Balls Deep, but what I can tell you is his timeline is a wreck, and he’s definitely linked up with the wrong goddamn camp.

    Kyrie losing the Nike deal has to be one of the worst L’s I’ve seen an athlete have in a long time. But to be honest, it seems like he deserved it. Even now, Kyrie is acting as if he’s a freed slave in Texas, and Nike was his master. If he don’t get the fuck ON.

    Also, I thoroughly appreciated the rundown you all did a few weeks ago of the Kanye West and Kyrie Irving debacle. The news has been coming off so fast that there just wasn’t enough time to go through everything. And I especially didn’t understand the film that they kept referring to, to be honest I wasn’t gonna look it up and end up accidentally liking or retweeting on accident then BOOM, I’m unemployed. LOL. So thanks for that. It was very informative and easy to follow.

    With that being said, Kyrie Irving can kick rocks. He don’t deserve any deals, not only because of what he’s said , and as far as apologies go NOT SAID, but because he doesn’t even value the opportunities he’s gotten.

    Truly, the joke that made me laugh OUT LOUD was when Rod was like ‘I don’t wanna be chosen LOL’. Rod, you a professional and you’re gonna repeat the joke better, but FOR REAL. If being ‘chosen’ means my lineage is beat, killed, enslaved, oppressed, and denied privileges of any kind, Nigga let me be the duck in duck, duck, goose. Call me Donald cause I’m not tryna be in first place in the oppression Olympics.

    And WHY does anyone have to try and ‘prove’ to be a part of the “real Jews”?! What the fuck does that even mean?? What do they EARN? Cause it seems like it’s a lot of losses around trying to get the title of ‘real Jewish’.

    You know, I was about to ask like ‘does this have to do with Hebrew Israelites?’ But you know what, I don’t know, it’s none of my business, and Godspeed to those that are willing to die on this cross (pun intended). It’s just not my ministry, not my fight, and I wish people would just SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE. This is LITERALLY THE ONLY TIME I will use that phrase. Because as Karen says, It costs NOTHING to be silent.

    Remember when Colin Kapernick was shunned from the Lord’s National Football League, and the justification is because he’s a “distraction”? While SILENTLY, QUIETLY kneeling? Rumor has it has been silent since 2017, but I digress.

    Please, someone tell me WHAT the FUCK can be more distracting than having Kyrie loudly, and wrongly, express his anti-semetic views to the world, with NBA sprawled across his back.

    This is asinine. Irving needs to be removed from the league. It was one thing to talk about racism in sports, and every press outlet tried to remove race from its vocabulary. But Religion?! Media are going to avoid it like the plague (PUN), and it’s just not possible so long as Kyrie remains in the league. Shit, at this point I wouldn’t even let Kanye sit in the courts at a game cause who knows what that nutcase is gonna do.

    This was extremely long. I appreciate you reading this, appreciate you guys, and BDS is honestly the best sports show out!!

    – Kiara

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