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  1. think_p_smart

    We often wind up in relationships (including friendships), that we later find out are transactional. The only way for some people to get these things from others is to classify them as friendships or romantic relationships.

    In my own life, I had to go through a couple of cycles of this to be like, “Oooooh! You don’t want to be a friend or in a relationship. You want an ear at your whim. You want someone to hold your hand when you return from your dad’s cancer treatments. However, you have zero interest or intentions of doing that for ANYONE else under any circumstance.”

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I think I have an example for emotional labor in friendships.
    Asking deep questions. Questions that bring the relationship from superficial level to real friendships. Like: are you happy at your job? How do you feel about your divorce? What do you still want to achieve in your life?
    Questions that make us a little afraid to ask. But if noone ever goes deeper the friendships can’t grow.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I dont have the clear separation between work and private. I moved to this city I live in for my first real job and met Mr Apia 4 months later. So my friends from before live mostly somewhere else. ( only 1 is semi close) I don’t work in an office and talk lot on the phone with them so seeing each other is extra fun. I met many nice people through work and some of them became friends or friendly contacts. I would say I’m really friends with 3 of my current Co workers and that’s a lot! I would meet with maybe 10 for fun for lunch or so and that’s also a huge amount in my opinion.
    And I enjoy work parties. I get I to entertainer mood and as a real extrovert it gives me energy. I learned to force myself to go to bed at an ok time ( 12 pm) or it’s not good the next day. I also dont excessively drink still I often heard I’m the one to give life to a party and I don’t doubt it. It is what it is. Not ashamed here.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I love the feedback show! It’s when the radio ( ok, my phone) is answering me and it’s not a sight of my mental decline.

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