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SMR 426: Avatar: The Way Of Water

Rod and Karen review “Avatar: The Way Of Water” the long awaited sequel to 2009’s blockbuster science fiction action movie. We also discuss our trips to the theater, movie trailers and your comments on previous reviews.


  1. JLCauvin

    I came here for quality, fun movie talk and hear myself slandered! Premium content? More like premium disinformation – Dark Knight Forever!

    Also, the way you guys speak of James Cameron reminds me of the way you talk about Tom Cruise – two mega stars in their respective roles in Hollywood that clearly love the movie experience more than any of their peers. That’s why the Oscars should give JC all the tech awards and TC the best picture to reward and honor the two dudes most trying to save movies (outside of your precious Marvel world – I may think it’s too much, but no denying they are helping movie theaters and giving the people* what they want) *I am better than the people


    God damn, the third act of this film is great. Not to say I didn’t like Avatar 2, I did. I just wasn’t a fan of the second act of it. It didn’t confuse me, but I was bored for much of that segment of the story. I felt those long hours. Pretty much, the visuals have been praised, ad nauseum. Much deserved; it’s a gorgeous film. While I’ve never betted against GOAT Cameron, his Avatar franchise is not something I’d replay like his two Terminator films, True Lies, The Abyss or Aliens. Hell, even Alita (which he produced) intrigues me more than these films. Yes, I know, as I’m writing this, this’ll be the second billion dollar Avatar films, which, good for Cameron & Disney. Truly, it’s always a cool achievement to have another billion dollar film from such a talented director. What has turned me off with the Avatar debates and I mentioned this on Nerd Off, is that damn discourse and that Avatar 2 isn’t going to have week 2 drops like Doctor Strange 2 or Wakanda Forever. I said my piece on the matter on Nerd Off, so I’ll refrain from rehashing it again.

    So, yeah, despite my issues with the second act and the cookie-cutter story, the action beats are great. It’s a good film that deserves to be seen on the big screen, at least once.

  3. RoninRaphael

    I just saw James Cameron Avatar Water movie first thing this morning. However, the moment you guys mentioned that dude submitted NINE hours of content as the movie had me screaming like the weird rasta white kid.

    Now I had a fun time with this movie. First time of my watching 3D since 2013 and it was worth it. I honestly didn’t notice the three hours go by. So good job James Cameron. Now, I can’t help myself but see the white kid story (speedo or blue monkey right) as an origin story for the birth of the modern day white republican. Cause kids actions wasn’t adding up, from being a white liberal that didn’t see color to abstaining from voting. That white child was doing it all, and somehow it felt like he was supposed to earn some sympathy like insurrectionists after Jan 6? That’s the interpretation that I got about the wild child. Except he is sacrificed immediately to the killer whale or shark like creature that tried to eat the younger son.

    Back to Pandora, dem tribes were beautiful to see but once you set aside dem aside the white savior trope. You’ll want to knock on the tribes for being so docile. Fun movie to watch in 3D. Let me go holler at some sea creatures and bond. Wakanda Forever and Way of Water have given us beautiful water spectacles. I guess it makes sense why I’ve started seeing headlines claiming that Aquaman 2 is DC most expensive movie to date. We’ve seen the light, no going back. Great review as always!

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