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2646: Rick Vs Rodger

Rod and Karen discuss getting adjusted to NYC, bad traffic, Game Theory season 2 changes, Tory Lanez trial, Elon Musk, wealthy travel and an age limit for social media.

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  1. Mwangangi

    They both trash but I give the nod to Rick because he’s capable of so much more fuckery across a wider footprint

  2. mya220

    Roger vs Rick is a hard one. But I have to give it to Roger. Remember when he tricked Francine into digging up that woman’s body just so he could turn her hair into a wig? Yeah… not much you can do to top that.

    And since y’all love American Dad y’all should check out one of my favorite YouTube channels “Addicted to American Dad”. It has the best AD compilations.

    Love you both! And congrats on all the success

    • Sean

      Well, Rick did put a spatially tessellated void inside a modified temporal field until a planet developed intelligent life which he introduced to the wonders of electricity so they could generate it on a global scale in order to power his engine… you know “slavery with extra steps”

      I mean I would say that is slightly worse than a little skullduggery…

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Rod please try walking more. See it like a mask but for your heart. You are a very young man ( exactly my age) and a bright spot in the world. Try to do the 10000 steps a day as it was a game. It helps a lot.
    You will feel better very soon. Love ❤️ Apia

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