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2653: The Legendary Master Sword

Rod and Karen discuss the dog poop forecast, twisting an ankle, turning in a draft at work, first positive covid people at work, Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, Southwest flight cancelations explained, snowman delivery, Cosby going on tour again, Bail group shuts down after being sued, Facebook addiction increase depression, woman helping younger people get over the fear of phone calls, OnlyFans star outs men who entered a raffle to scud her, driver hits 120 mph because he was jamming too hard and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mwangangi

    I love talking on the phone. I hate voice mails. I’m a Gen-Xer and free long distance and talking to people all over the Earth for free is both amazing and rewarding; and.. since one of my friends is at McMurdo station in Antarctica I literally have friends on every continent. Makes travel cheaper and better — you almost always have a local guide

  2. Sean

    On the FB story, for me FB is the cause. I moved FB off my phone screen (didn’t remove the app, just made it less accessible), and I have so much more time, energy, and joie de vivre.

    I will still occasionally open it and see idjits shit-talking She-Hulk or some posts about some right-wing idjit like Peterson or Shapiro… but it’s easier to ignore if you spend less time there. Why are there so many stupid people? Why!

    Sorry, closing FB, I think I’ll stay off of it for the next week or two…

  3. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Thanks again for another great episode! I just wanted to say that I agree that this bail group should keep pushing because there is no way they could know if a person is going to reoffend. But I assume them being celebrities they may have been worried about that effecting their celebrity careers or status maybe.

    They should definitely stay in the fight to get more people released if that is what they feel in their hearts and with the resources they have in their pockets. Maybe next time they should do a more thorough proper vetting of the people they select , but even that might not be enough sometimes- shrugs .

    I think as long as the group has proper legal minds doing proper vetting of choices they should be ok. Sometimes you’re going to get it wrong -so your vetting process better be right .

    Thanks yall

    P.S. I wanted to also add that by me saying what I said above it does not mean I think everyone should be released … I am not a prison abolitionist lol , some of these folks need to be locked up – (like that couple who interrupted Wendell Pierce on stage while he was acting in ‘Death of a Salesman’ lol )

  4. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Regarding the poll…depending on the data set you use, I’m a baby Gen-Xer or an elder Millennial. Either way – I avoid talking on phones. Sure, I CAN. I just dont want to. However, I’ve 100% seen this “inability” in my kids/nieces/nephews…I blame myself and just work with them where they are. Role play helps a lot. PLUS, having assholes in the family is awesome practice in dealing with conflict, Lmao

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I have a job where I can’t have social anxiety. Or maybe if you do it long enough you train yourself out of it? I talk a lot on the phone, private and professional because when I drive I have time. I have also òften calls with people I haven’t met yet and where are I have to establish some connection in 5 minutes are part of it as well as public speaking, also public speaking where people ask me medical questions, my supervisor is also sometimes there and I hope I can answer everything and if I can’t he will comment on it afterwards. ( I mostly can and Wolfgang, that’s his name is a good guy) Or public speaking with no preparation. Like when in a group of 20 physicians they ask me to introduce everyone to everyone and i hope i get all names, the place they work right and add a funny story. Rejection, sometimes in front of others is also part of it.
    Honestly it’s great exercise.
    When things don’t work our I think “you win a lot, you have to loose sometimes otherwise its not normal. This is now.”
    But I have other problems I promise! It got way better but obsessive worring and seeing catastrophic events in my imagination are not fun either.

  6. CheyenneKnew

    Hey yall! I had to pause the show to comment on the bail fund organization; why was the repeat offender offered bail??????? I hope the organization is able to keep running, they have a great cause and our wack system created that level of negligence.

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