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BDS 469: Afraid To Shoot His Shot

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback,  NBA trade moves, Gracie Hunt defends Mahomes family, Antonio Brown knows when he got the CTE, Ja Morant allegedly wilding out, big booty woman takes pics of Lebron, Outside the Lines canceled, Ben Simmons wants his engagement ring back, Met’s owner flexing, Amber Rose offers to eat ass, no Crypto during Super Bowl, Michael Irvin in trouble, NFLPA wants to get ride of combine, Seattle Storm is the WNBA’s most valuable team, Liberty owner wants charter flights, Adidas shares plummet, Justin Fields sister joins WWE, Sunday Ticket class action suit, Josh Gordon in the XFL, Steelers locker room controversy, Favre suing people, Cam Thomas apologizes for gay slur and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Joad Management,

    I hope all is well.

    Real talk, this week when Bomani said on his show that there isn’t any evidence that load management actually improves injury chances for NBA players, I’d never considered that before. I mostly went off conventional wisdom that playing less means less chances to get hurt and generally being fine with whatever players need to do to take care of themselves. And with folks talking about a possible lockout coming, if load management is a directive from front offices, why don’t folks turn their ire towards the owners and GMs? I’m curious what y’all think about this?

    I didn’t realize that Kevin Love had been in Cleveland longer than he’d played in Minnesota til he got bought out and signed with Miami. I wish him well and enjoyed him on the Cavs after he LOCKED STEPH CURRY ASS UP IN THE FINALS and I stopped relentlessly hating on him. I liked having him on the team as veteran presence and he was doing the damn thing coming off the bench earlier in the season. Love must really think he’s got something left in his tank cuz if there’s anything wrong with him (injuries, being old or injuries *and* being old), lord knows we’ll find out in Miami.

    I can’t believe the league called up a G League player for the dunk contest just so the locals would have someone to root for, but goddamn Mac McClung showed out! Karl Malone hasn’t been that happy to vote for a white man since Nov 2020! Also, fuck Karl Malone.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows through the week!


    Happy Hump Day, Rod, Karen and Jill Goldberg.

    Nick Wright is my dawg. I love that over-the-top white man just like that……well, Over The Top Stallone movie. It’s cool to say Jalen Hurts outplayed Patrick Mahomes in a losing effort. Ain’t gonna hurt nobody. Whatever limitations he had with shoulder, shut me up, God Damn, he balled out. Ties Terrell Davis for rushing TDs (3). Throwing deep darts to wide open receivers, he was great. Obviously, Mahomes cooked them and I’m happy KC won, but, Philly D? Two of KC’s most unreliable receivers all year caught the most wide open red zone TDs since WWE’s Mr Perfect caught his own pass in a promo. It was unfair and that Defensive Eagles failed upwards to a head coaching job with Cardinals. Say it with me gang: Good. To. Be. White.

    Late holding call notwithstanding, it was a very fun game with the league’s most talented QBs going today. Rihanna was cool and Goldberg was hatin’. I know Bret Hart is somewhere wanting to telling his ass to shut the fuck up, since, he inadvertently ended his career with one bad kick (And Bret STILL won that match for the WCW World Title). He did love Chris Stapleton singing the National Anthem and Stapleton ain’t even about that life. He pro-BLM. Anyway, pleasure as always. Peace.

  3. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jreg Heiar. Who would have thought out of all schools New Mexico state would make balls deep news twice in one school year. It was like after the first incident in the fall, the squad saw what happen with Texas coach, and at Alabama and said hold my beer. We are going to one up those power 5 schools with hazing the rapey kind. I guess shooting a player from the rival team was not the morale boost that they hoped for. So they decided teammate on teammate sexual assaults were the way to go. But hey this story broke super bowl weekend so didn’t nobody care. As always it’s good to hear a new Balls Deep episode. And shoutout to the GOAT Pat Mahomes who made played a perfect second half on one foot, peace.

  4. Sofa_King

    Speaking of the super bowl, I was listening to LeBatard last week, and John Skipper (former head of ESPN) was saying how he thought that the super bowl’s popularity was such that the NFL could get away with making the game a PPV exclusive. Assuming for the sake of conversation that you had no way to get around paying for it, would you pay to watch the super bowl? And, if so, what is the number that you would draw the line at?


    What’s up

    Rod , Karen, and Jonzo ball!

    So it’s official for the nba season of 2022-2023, that lonzo ball is shut down for the season! A season he hasn’t played one minute of. That boy ain’t been the same since the BBB shoe fiasco!

    I know injuries are apart of all sports, and sometimes they become nagging and follow us around like a shadow! I’m all for these brothers getting their coin, but in the future do you think there will be changes or clauses in contracts, That say, if you can’t play we can’t pay? Or possibly have to re work numbers due to a major injury? Because from a business stand point you sign lonzo for 3 years and in that 3 years he plays half a season but u done paid him 100m. I know for the most part contracts are guaranteed and as a rap song said! Get paid young nigga get paid! But there is a bit of frustration, on both sides fans wanna see players/stars and owners wanna get what they paid for.

    Ant edwards came out over all star weekend and said the one thing he would like to change in the league is players sitting out on load management/rest. See for us broke boys who don’t have season tickets like rod n karen lol, we save up our food stamps to see a game and when a star says fuck it I’m street clothes today, it’s kinda disappointing! What’s you guys thoughts on what I think is excessive load management or what I call the kawhi rule?

    You guys rock!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  6. Sofa_King

    Karen, Rod and Jawn Staley:

    What up, Balls Deep crew! I know y’all niggas watched the Big Game today! Yo, shout out to the Philly legend, y’all know who I’m talking about… That’s right, Dawn Staley! Coach Staley’s South Carolina Gamecocks beat the dogshit out of Kim ‘MAGA’ Mulkey’s LSU Tigers, 88-64! Those young women from Columbia stepped on the necks of that shriveled up homophobic crone’s team and beat they asses in the battle of the last two undefeated teams in women’s college basketball, for The Culture! Black HistorEEEEE! And it was DEFINITELY the biggest thing happening in American sports today!


    Wait, huh?

    Whatchu mean there was ANOTHER ‘big game’ on today?


    The Super-what, now?

    Oh, you mean that thing that was holding up Rihanna’s concert, that was a football game? Word?


    Oh, okay. Shout out to them, too, I guess…

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