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SMR 433: You People

Rod does a solo review of Kenya Barris’ latest movie, “You People.”

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    Pretty surface-level with lots of comedic performers. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Eddie Murphy & David Duchvony being the main standouts. Jonah Hill & Lauren London lacked a spark that could’ve put this one a few notches higher. It starts awkwardly in the car, but they never build on it. Frankly, Jonah & Sam Jay went together better. With Rom-Coms, the two leads gotta have a solid foundation and Hill & London just didn’t have it.

    The racial comedy was fine, if not surface-level for a Barris flick. If they had adjusted the love interest and some of the message, it would’ve hit pretty good. I still didn’t mind it, but it’s clear the script needed to be punched up.

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