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SMR 434: The Menu

Rod does a solo review of the dark comedy, “The Menu.”

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    When I look back on The Menu, I’m stunned I loved it as much as I did, especially it’s from the same production company that did Don’t Look Up. I felt the humor was extremely impressive. It’s not everyday we get Ralph Fiennes being a deadpan funny chef. In any work he’s been in, he’s hard in the paint in that serious material but he’s brilliant here. Anya Taylor-Joy was dope in this. All we needed was her versatile self to eat that tasty burger and it being sponsored by Checkers with the inhabitants being killed by a S’mores recipe from her POV (That body horror shit might’ve topped Jeff Goldblum’s transformation in The Fly, but I’m glad we didn’t see that). Nicolas Hoult, John Leguizamo, Judith Light, Birney Reed, Hong Chau (also check her out in The Whale, she kills it, like she does here), Rob Yang, Janet McTeer and others are pretty good in their allotted parts. Surprised I dug it as much as I did. Is it heavy on the meta-commentary? Sure, but when the humor hits as well as it does, I just feel that it allows things to move forward.

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