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PG 360: Get Up And Get Out

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Outkast, Justin getting too comfortable at work, Karen getting Beyonce tickets, Drunk Black History, Rod’s airbnb update, Southside is canceled, Bill Russell: Legend, The Last Of Us, Stand, Murdaugh Murders and listener feedback.


  1. Kountach

    I just want to cosign Justin’s take on the movie Plug Love and Detriot’s Dezel Washington…Murda Pain!! Ya need to stop sleeping on Plug Love. I saw it when it was available on Amazon Prime. They used to have all the independent urban dramas on there before Tubi came along.

    Anyways love the show guys!

    I’m off to rewatch McGraw Ave season 1.

    Have a good one!
    Kountach (pronounced like the car Countach)

  2. SuavyP

    Boyyyy Dilbert really just came out and said he is “tired of you negros’” didnt he?! I knew I never liked that damn newspaper cartoon for a reason. To me, it always just looked racist so it’s no surprise when its creator came out with his recent remarks about blacks. But did yall see the response from the Coonservative Twins about Dilbert’s remarks?? Looks like Dilbert got them niggas shooked lol! They were over there chilln in their maga paraphernalia just minding their business until Dilbert popped off with the cism and got them saying “now why am I in it???”Just goes to show no matter how much you try to cloak yourself in white conservative ideology, when the shit hits the fan, they will all of a sudden magically see the color they claim they don’t see of your black ass.
    I don’t watch their coontent but I stumbled upon that video of them criticizing Dilbert and couldn’t help but chuckle.

    -Peace Yall


    Yo, Rod, Stand was an incredible documentary. I actually never watched Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf play, even as I grew up in the era of Michael Jordan.

    His legacy is everlasting with all of what’s been going on for over 25 years. I related the most to his situation with Torrette’s Syndrome. How he was picked on by his teammates and fans. I know that shit had to have been bothersome, telling people about the condition of it and shit as folks think you’re playing for attention. I’m not even going to attempt to compare that plight to Autism, which I have, but I got picked on for being “different” with walking and talking when I was little, but, of course, with time and research, you hope those closest to you sympathize and care for such adversities and those closest to him, at least, like his Mom, stopped giving him such grief for it. I even loved how strong his love was for mom. Pretty touching stuff.

    I knew of him mostly because of Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling toward the injustices in America like Mahmoud before him. To see people apologize to him for what Rauf did is, yeah, I got nothing. Time just came back to him.

    Yet, his discipline is second to none. His knowledge, likewise, is astounding. And, yes, he was always right, it just things took a hellish while. Incredible man, great game & integrity is ironclad. What a guy. I’m definitely going to watch it again in the coming days. Shit, I want a physical copy of this.

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