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BDS 470: White Flight

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA All-Star weekend, Sterling Mahomes bday party, load management, New Mexico state cancels season, Nia Long still blaming the Celtics, Harden vindicated, Hamlin wants to play, Super Bowl ratings, Westbrooks vs ESPN, Tim Anderson’s wife accepts the side baby, Larsa Pippen still dating Marcus Jordan, NBC interested in NBA rights, MJ donates to Make-A-Wish, Kamara indicted, Karl Malone won’t discuss his personal life, Ariza accused of domestic violence, Miles Bridges says he could return to Hornets in March, NBA prospect provided gun used in murder, Tom Brady might not retire, former NBA players sentenced to jail, ex-NBA player arrested for hitting his porn star ex-girlfriend, Dom Capers hair and Uh Oh These Nigga’s Fightin!


  1. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen, and Jay Morant,

    Is Ja Morant the Papa Doc of the NBA. This man got both of his parents and went to a real good school and is out here playing around in Memphis like it ain’t Memphis. Between the Pacer’s bus incident and now these two other incidents in Memphis it really looks like someone needs to talk to him and figure out what is going on. Before he ruins his career or gets himself hurt. Unfortunately it can’t be his parents because it seems like they are the ones instigating or encouraging the behavior. But hey if the NBA doesn’t workout for him he could always try out to be a QB for Deion. Speaking of Deion the most shocking but maybe not so shocking thing has been the reaction of mostly black men defending what he said. I have heard the same niggas who are mad at the NFL for not hiring black coaches then defend Deion by saying that white coaches think it too. Which one if they think it at least they have the sense not to say it out loud. Also we still get mad at them and think its wrong how they view black players all the time even when they don’t say it. Even though much of the dialogue has been around Deion its fuck Rich Eisen too. He laughed way to hard at that shit that it was mad uncomfortable. Also this may be more of a Pregame statement but I am with Justin and Dom. I think they could take Big Groove. I seen that man throw a punch and it was not the punch of a man who could win a fight.

    Love the show as always,


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Ja Jorant,

    I hope all is well.

    If Ja Morant was a college football player, do y’all think Deion Sanders would recruit him? Morant easily passes the all important “two parent household” test and between Deion Sanders and more than a few folks on social media, a two parent household means Ja wouldn’t be out here molly whopping teens or waving guns around. Y’all see that Washington Post article talking about Morant? What is up with that dude.

    Bringing a gun to a soon-to-be-committed murder where your car blocked the victim in and then having a teammate pat your down for weapons during your game intro sounds like something Milk would’ve lied about in Legends of Chamberlain Heights but Brandon Miller out here being a team player on *and* off the court. If Memphis traded up to draft Miller the ghost of David Stern would shut the whole draft down.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the dope shows!



  3. Sofa_King

    Rod, Karen and Jearica Hamby:

    Having just recently caught up with the last two episodes of Balls Deep, I wanted to contribute some additional information, regarding the investigation into the Las Vegas Aces that you spoke about on episode 469: so, Dearica Hamby is a two-time All-Star who has, up until now, played her entire career with the Aces franchise. She reportedly found out that she was pregnant with her second child towards the end of the regular season and ended up coming off the bench for the remainder of the regular season and the playoffs. In January, she got traded to the Los Angeles Sparks, and started making cryptic posts on social media about promises not being kept. Two weeks later, the Aces signed Candace Parker and 2-time champion and defensive specialist Alysha Clark as free agents and the week after THAT the story broke about an investigation having been opened into the Aces (allegedly) breaking rules to get around the salary cap.

    The word on the street is that Hamby was one of several players on the Aces who had signed contract extensions for significantly below their market value, with promises of (allegedly) being compensated under the table, via “no-show” jobs, and stuff like that. The Aces (allegedly) reneged on those promises to Hamby when they traded her to LA, and Hamby (allegedly) responded by instructing her agent to leak reports about the (alleged) backroom deals to the media.


    Happy March
    Rod Karen and university of jalabama!

    So we fresh out that BLACK HISTORYYYYYY
    And here’s a doozy….. Brandon miller, a black freshman who plays on crimson tides basketball team, returned to the team , and during the starting intros, He was pat down, security guard style by a white teammate who probably rides the bench and is going for his masters in dentistry. You may remember Brandon from such hits as being part of the crime, that killed a young mom (23) who came to the university to visit a cousin and ended up dead, (jemea harris)

    Here is the video of the “pat down”


    The coach, Nate oats (white) says he feels awful for the incident!

    In other college news, rod, like you, I support unc tarheels, I follow the regular season games via notifications on espn app, but I really get into it when the tournament starts.
    Did you know there was a player on unc named “leaky black”? Real name is Rechon Malik black! And yes he is black! Just found the Nick name funny and when the announcers say it, well, let’s just move on….!

    Lastly, so is the new requirement in the nba if you score over 70 you gotta get drug tested?

    Donovan Mitchell scored 71 and got tested and now dame has matched his 71 and matched his drug test! Condolences to you rod and Karen on losing melo for the season! Although the season was already dead, he was fun to watch!

    You guys have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  5. RoninRaphael

    I got nothing but love for you Justin, so while I wish with all my heart that you listen to Karen when she says “Don’t Do It ” should you still choose to go through with your fight with that big gruve fella. Please let me know the date & time, so I can place a bet. As someone who grew up watching Van Damne Bloodsport you might stand a chance (nah you’ll die like the brother). I laughed my allergies away tho, so thank you.

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