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2677: Pico De Gallo Jenkins

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    You’d think in 2023, we’d be better at overcoming the insecurities that haunt us as black people. Be it food, movies, wine by Snoop Dogg. Yes, White People are going to white, but we as a community gotta rise above that shit and stop giving into their perverted perceptions of us. It’s honestly ridiculous, at this point, because the lack of consistency is annoying to me. Look no further than Big Groove. I don’t really care much for Big Groove, but he ain’t hurting nobody. Man’s bustin’ a move like Eddy Gordo in Tekken 3 and we shook? It’s crazy to me

    I haven’t bothered to look up his past videos, since, ultimately, I don’t really care that much. What I do care about and will never not bother till the end of time, is our wild swings of what’s traumatic and what’s not. He ain’t hurting anyone. He hasn’t shat on black people but we’re uncomfortable by his size, moves, eating watermelon and calling him a minstrel or a coon, context be damned on the full meaning of those words? Sounds like a ton of “You Problems” to me.

    Lots of negative projection on a guy, regardless of your tolerance, being his best self. Is it black boy/man joy or is that only reserved for those we like or tolerate? And motherfuckers never want to answer that when it comes to black shit (and to another extent, insecurities about weight) because it means he, she or they may have internalized an undealt with insecurity they haven’t properly dealt with.

    Lack of a better word, I abhor that lack of introspection. People talk about wanting to be expressive and open, until, they can’t deal with it, due to people “feeling” bad. How else are you gonna get over this shit? You NEED to feel. Truly empathize and let this big nigga party. I hate how we treat this shit. Projecting your disdain on that man says a lot about you and you need to fix it ASAP. Undealt with Trauma is bad for everyone. It’s why I don’t really believe people when they want all this content for blackness, fat people, violence, because the line moves to damn much and you have to listen to the cries of people “feeling” emotions they’re compromised by. Getting rid of it makes you no different than these racist white people who want to get rid of black history statewide, not just my state of Florida. You’re carrying water to NOT deal with the problem, thus, putting the pressure on Big Groove, for example. It’s fucked up. Now, you don’t have to like him, but let him be. Let him be the embodiment of all that BS sloganeering that Twitter does. Or wallow in being fake offended, so I can ignore your ass too.

    I’m with y’all about this and I’m tired. Just tired of people doing this shit with a guy like that or food like Watermelon or Chicken. Just enough. Go to therapy, take a breathe, something. We’ve spent years, centuries to be our authentic self and to put that away, due to those who can’t deal with Big Groove, hate to say it, go fuck yourself.

    Do better and be yourself. Peace.

  2. Sean

    Since you mentioned the idea of a Cocaine Bear sequel, LSD Fox, I have been looking for an article I read about foxes eating morning glories and tripping out in someone’s garden… (Morning Glories contain LSA, which is similar to LSD but provides a softer trip). Unfortunately, I can’t find the article, and I have to get back to work…

    Thanks for the great show!

  3. RoninRaphael

    I might just move to Florida and run for governor. I promise to bring back to our schools, gluten free, animal free, diversity embracing, Power Teams! #gaingain Ahaaaa

  4. RoninRaphael

    I just remembered watching a Power Team video on Doms podcast and having a good laugh. My elder sister ran a Bible school every Sunday back during my Benin City days and I had no choice but to attend. We had a skinnier version of that amongst the Nigerians with the no drugs messaging (yes, a few were in the closet as I’ll find out when I became an adult). Ours was more focused on reading the Bible and singing (white people Christian songs) along with movies about the end of times (should have happened by now according to them movies).

    Anyway, although I voted no, I’ll like to claim those skinny dudes always telling us not to do drugs but couldn’t say what the drugs were as my Power Team. Power Skinny Team! Ahaaaaaaa

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I’m sorry that I have to comment one more time.
    About the letter saying that people who voted republican deserve the environmental consequences.
    Obviously you are right that also those who didn’t get the negative consequences. And in your system of America it’s possible it’s the other 49.9% of the people there. And all the children, who are too young to vote.
    It’s like me from the outside saying, Americans deserved Trump because they voted for him.
    But it’s also something else.
    It’s about the illusion of control. The letter writer thinks “ it couldn’t happen to me, because I do the right thing and the others didn’t”
    It’s the same thought as asking a woman who was sexually assaulted “ what was she wearing g?” Because , if I wear baggy clothes it can’t h happen to me, they think. Wrong.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Sauerkraut is german and polish, the polish name is Kapusta kiszona .
    A dirndl is the typical dress you see at anything German Octoberfest related with the deep cleavage and breasts way up.


  7. ApiafromGermany

    Pierogi are Polish dumplings.

    About side effects of drugs:
    If you were as strickt about side effects of food for example or beverages as we are with drugs, the lists were also so long.
    I have even to report events that are timely related to taking our drug, like that someone was killed by a bus after taking it. In my company it’s not only side effects I have to report, it’s called adverse events and practically it’s everything bad that happens after taking the drug and everything unusual the patient reports.
    In case that might be somehow related. And if we don’t do it and it’s found out it’s very bad. They can’t fire you in Germany so easily but you can get an official warning and the second offense is one you can get fired for.
    So if I read the paper with side effects for a drug I only pay attention to the “ often” and maybe “sometimes “ categories.
    The rare categories can contain practically everything.

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