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BDS 471: Deion Dancin’ For Em

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ja Morant, Deion Sanders, Russell Wilson rumor, Nate McMillan fired, Vaughn gets contract extension, Lamelo running red lights, Michael Irvin has witnesses, Adele and Rich Paul engaged, Joy Taylor, Jaylen Brown dating Bernice Burgos, Tristan and Khloe, Jake Paul lost, Haslam buying Bucks, XFL ratings fell sharply and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!


  1. JLCauvin

    Catching up on premium stuff – the description of Ja Morant made me think he’s in season 1 of Franklin Saint’s Snowfall journey. What if 3 seasons from now he’s gunning down dudes on the fast break like the opening of The Last Boy Scout?!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jate Oates,

    I hope all is well.

    March Madness has arrived and beyond my standing agendas (Gonzaga is cise that doesn’t lift weights; UVA are frauds; always bet against Duke), I only have one question: if Alabama goes the distance, what other wild shit will Nate Oates say? Saying that Brandon Miller was “in the wrong place, at the wrong time” was bad, but Oates eventually apologized for the tone deafness. Oates bragged to the press about hitting up Bigen baron Ray Lewis about handling Darius Miles murder case; Lewis said Oates should pray with the players and share scripture. Alabama is the #1 overall seed and with the lights shining the brightest, what other wild shit y’all think Oates can say?

    What do y’all make of Jordan selling his ownership stake in the Hornets? I’m kind of surprised but also I don’t know what that man’s day to day activities are outside of golfing and swimming in denim.

    I know y’all don’t talk baseball on here a lot, but growing up as a Cleveland Indians fan who would then go on to root for the Pirates and the Astros, I wanna thank everyone on Game Theory for directly calling out the Dolan Family and Bob Nutting for lying about being poor every fucking single baseball season. I don’t know who is more egregious: the Dolan family is so cheap that as a child I thought the MLB had a rule that if you lost the World Series you couldn’t resign your best players *cuz they let like 5 future Hall of Famers walk*!

    But on the other hand, you got Bob Nutting. The Pittsburgh Gazzette did a FOIA on Pirates stadium financing and found out that the team’s wild low payroll often times was damn near the same as the ticket and concessions revenue. That’s right: if fans want a better roster they better pony up for a few more of those $23 Coors Lights. Game Theory is fucking awesome and I can definitely hear what I think is your writing, Rod.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!




    What’s up Rod, Karen & Jackson Mahomes

    Somebody put out an APB on this clown. Fuck an investigation, buddy kissed a woman without her permission (twice) and was being an asshole in a restaurant. Patrick, I’m sooooo happy you got your second ring and this dude nearly ruined it the year prior, when Pat was on that 6-7 week skid of playing below his standards. Jackson think he’s Big Groove. Nah, dawg, you riding off Patrick’s coattails being stupid. Keep fucking around and he might throw you out like Michael Corleone did Fredo, in which, Jackson is definitely Fredo. Peace!

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