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2680: Selective Outrage

Rod and Karen are joined by author Bassey Ikpi to discuss Chris Rock’s new Netflix special and the reaction to it on social media.

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    Love it when Bassey is on to do these. I mostly watched this detached to just enjoy Chris do his thing. He clearly was spinnin’ just to get to the main set. I laughed a lot and found his topics to be that of a nearing 60 to be honest. He’s not progressive™️ but he’s aware enough. The bit with Will was what it was. I gasped when he called Jada a bitch. I’m like, dawg, she didn’t do anything to you.

    You all were great on the commentary. I mostly avoided social media and watched this on Monday. I didn’t care about it being live, just wanted the show. Have a good one.

  2. HvyWght

    To Bassey’s question about Draymond Green, there was clip in the credits of Chris Rock standing with Green and Curry showing them something on his phone and they were both laughing, it leads me to believe he got clearance on the bit from both. Then, to her great question of the currency behind the outrageous takes, I think we can’t ignore that many people see contradiction as some form of intelligence . If they can say they don’t like something everybody likes or never liked something most people once did, they somehow see an angle that no one else is seeing and that somehow makes them better…at…peopleing? Idk, but it’s something I see often on social media on numerous topics.

  3. EvieE

    I watched the special with an open mind. I have been a fan of Chris Rock’s stand up from the time he was on SNL but to me I didn’t find his last special Tamborine that funny and I didn’t find this one as funny as his stand up in the past either. I did have moments where I laughed but not like I did for specials like bigger and blacker or bring the pain. It’s also quite possible that my sense of humor has evolved, I don’t know.
    That being said I saw a man who is still working through the trauma of what happened to him and because of toxic masculinity he’s not allowed to say, “I was humiliated in front of the world by someone I once looked up to and I’m hurt, that so many people took his side” because if he said that, people would clown him for being “a bitch”.
    I do however, think there was some revisionist history on his part about Jada telling him not to host. She in fact wished him luck and really his issue should have remained with Will and not her but again toxic masculinity has him going after her and their marriage because it’s easier than working through his own pain out of fear of appearing weak.

    Will was wrong and I do believe he feels remorse for what he did but whether Chris forgives him or not is not up to us. I enjoy both men’s bodies of work . I like the fresh Prince and I like pooty tang so I honestly have no dog in this fight.

    I thought your review with Bassey was very insightful and fair unlike what I’ve seen on social media. I think people will just say anything for likes. How would they feel if they got assaulted on live television and then have to hear they should get assaulted again? Isn’t it kind of funny that the same people who were defending Megan Thee Stallion by saying violence is not acceptable are the same ones saying Chris Rock should be slapped again? Which one is it? Is it oochiwally or one mic?

  4. trey_swindu744

    Really dope episode! Thank you Bassey for coming through! Great breakdown Rod, Karen& Bassey on Rock’s special!

    It’s wild how many folks are basing their opinions on whether or not they like Chris anymore or not! I would have more respect for people if they would say that shit with their chest. Like – “Chris said some shit I didn’t like and I took it a certain way and I don’t fuck with him anymore.” I can at least respect that kind of honesty.

    Just be straight up about it is all I’m saying.-because this revisionist thought process of him is wild- “ I never found him funny!” Really?!? Really?! Now I know some people never did fuck with Chris and he wasn’t their favorite comedian but (never…. found…him..funny!)

    Anyways thanks for the great observations and assessments yall!

    Thanks ,

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I didn’t watcht the special but I still enjoyed this episode.

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