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2693: The Monkey Bar Massacre

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Baltimore Mayor implements curfew, Halle Berry claps back at troll, deputy targeted by scammer impersonating him, US security leak, FL passes bill that prohibits discussions of periods by kids in school, secret white woman exposed, Black couple settles over white washed home valuation, TSU becomes first HBCU to win National Cheerleading competition, racist football coach video, Black culture platforms spreading right wing extremism, prank YouTuber shot, 78 year old woman robs bank, teacher let’s kids fight and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    DJ Akedemics has been a cornball for the longest, so it’s no surprise he’s signed to a right wing platform. He’s known for such hits as being okay with non blacks saying nigga, being a colorist and speaking down on black women any chance he gets. His fanbase consists of other cornballs and pick me’s. The right can have his goofy ass.

    Karen , you were on fire this episode, I laughed five minutes straight for monkey bar massacre. You are queen of the puns.

  2. Cinia

    I think it’s interesting to see WHICH Black platforms are embracing and spreading right wing extremism. Hint: it’s not the platforms headed by Black women.

    The interesting part about right wing extremism (i.e. white supremacy) is that their supporters don’t trade on their principles for increased popularity. They will high-five one of these Black media personalities for their homophobia or transphobia and then turn around and call them the N-word (with the hard ER.)

    Meanwhile, the Black media personalities amplify this “gotta see both sides of racist perspectives” to their predominantly Black audience and it never happens in the reverse. These right wing extremists will NEVER bring a Black progressive (or even moderate) on their show because their audience is there for the racism FIRST and all the other bigotry is secondary. Their viewers aren’t going to all of a sudden start listening to or watching Black programming just because their “fave” was on it once. They don’t all of a sudden start to understand the problem with police brutality and the Black community or support affirmative action. But Black folks almost always become more anti-black when they pal around in those right wing extremist spaces.

    I don’t know why so many Black men haven’t peeped game that aligning with white supremacy has never been a winning strategy for the long term, at least not for Black folks.


    Oh nigga, here these leaking, civil liberties ass fuckers crying again.

    I literally had to pause this episode to read that story. The Washington Post has a story about these leakers, so I read that one and all that shit had me thinking: Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden are kinda how we got Trump. Cambridge Analytica, Russia, 4Chan and other firms finished it.

    Regardless of whatever magnanimous due diligence they provided for the public, they stole information from private or public firms. White Liberals whined, took awards on their behalf, made movies (Snowden, directed by Oliver Stone & The Fifth Estate in 2013 about Julian Assange) made Glenn Greenwald a Peabody award winner for his “story” on the NSA w/Barton Gellman. And, once again, because white gone white, same song, second fucking verse. On Discord no-less. We lost a generation to this shit, too. I’ll never get over it.

    First off, these fuckers wanted to get caught. If you wanted to privately do this, a fucking server service like Discord ain’t it. You ain’t gotta like the government; that’s fine. However, when we’ve seen how some of our protections like the electric grid, nuclear power, military be compromised by these outsiders who label it under “declassifying” for the greater good, are just doing the opposite. You just can’t give a Nuclear Football to a leaker. That’s fucking dumb. I don’t care if you’re the next Albert Einstein, you’re fucking us all to our deaths. You’re taking the public safety for granted. Anonymous did a lot of carnival barking during the Obama years and what? They’re record on vetting law enforcement & local government was about as reliable as the Minnesota Timberwolves, holding onto a lead in the 4th Quarter. Activists ate that shit up on social media, so did the public, despite a lack of payoff. They’re in the dark about who was doing what in Ferguson or Sanford, FL. Lots of hearsay shit. We don’t really need to know if Hillary Clinton was going to talk with someone pivotal during her Ambassador days under the Obama Administration. Journalists did this shit and yeah, it’s complicated.

    Doubt it’ll have a severe affect on the Biden administration but who knows: People love outrage like a drug. Outrage cost a lot of democratic politicians seats in the house & Senate just being afraid of Barack in 2010-16. Considering it’s always outrage O’Clock on TV or Social Media, who knows.

    Lost a ton of respect for people who turned into a bunch of “X-Files experts” when it was a black president leading the country but hadn’t kept that same passion under Trump. Reporters of all sections couldn’t wait to get those jokes off. Even Obama attempting to quell concerns, didn’t matter. Be it drones or dispelling NSA myths. The propaganda won big.

    Those “leaker” years in the 2010s, got a lot of people paid and new jobs. So to see this story be a thing again…..*deep breath* FUCK! I just hope it doesn’t grow into something more.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    People who walk around and prank others in public especially in a country with so many guns must be prepared to get hurt.

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