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2695: Critical Base Theory

Rod and Karen discuss Clarence Thomas’s finances, a man threw 100s on the highway, pizza delivery leads to a shoot out, Best Buy layoffs, a restaurant banning kids under 10, Dollar Tree can’t afford eggs, burglar and squatter caught at the same time, dumpster diving is back, Goldman Sachs CEO takes pay cut, egg seizures at the border, The CROWN act passes TX house, woman demanding reparations from Target punched in the face, thief attacks clerk with Slim Jims, husband threw chicken at wife, FL teacher fired for making students write their obituaries and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    If I see a guy throwing money in the street to give away and a bunch of other people are grabbing it, I most likely wouldn’t give it back. But if the family is asking for people to return it I’m not gonna lie, I would be checking their social media accounts first before determining if I will or not. If they’re MAGA, I’m keeping that shit.

  2. Sean

    I agree with y’all on the Psych teacher actually doing the right thing. Active shooter drills are traumatizing for many children, but providing support beforehand and considering mortality is good for the students’ mental health. About one in five teenagers have seriously contemplated suicide before graduating high school so it is not like, even without the insanely high number of school shootings, interacting with death is a reality for many high school students.

    A gender non-conforming friend of mine in high school took their own life when I was in high school. would a class on considering mortality and grief have been helpful before that happened? Hell yes.

    Unfortunately, it happened in Florida, which is a right-to-work-for-lower-salary-in-worse-conditions-and-be-fired-on-a-whim state, so not sure how much recourse the teacher will have.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I see nothing wrong with what the school psychologist did. Talking with 16-17 year olds about death and live reviews is even in countries with little gun violence a good idea.
    It’s not like teenagers aren’t confronted with death, even if it’s not their own death, they have older family members and talking to them about their lives might be interesting and rewarding.
    And it’s something that will affect everyone someday.

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