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2713: Once You Go Black, They Cut You Some Slack

Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. We discuss GMA 3 new hosts, Pope Francis says we must love sexual predators, Nick Cannon’s sleeping habits, Brian McKnight gives his side, Ja Morant flashing the blicky, Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good, George Santos charged with fraud, body found in Arby’s, Kelly Clarkson Show accused of toxic workplace, preschool uses Blackface to celebrate Black History Month, Black woman arrested because of mistaken identity, Penny charged with manslaughter, Black Capitalists, deputy found guilty of planting evidence on love rival, Maryland man steals military vehicle, Chicago woman baseball attacks and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    It’s always great to hear Mama Marrow! I hope she can come back for a non Mother’s Day show.

    Brian McKnight better hope he never needs a kidney and his older kids aren’t matches. He’s lucky his life isn’t a Tyler Perry movie because if it was, he’s gonna lose his hair and have to wear a bad wig, his current wife leaves him and takes all his money and he gets aids.

    I don’t think Nick Cannon is any better as a father. There’s no way you can have 12 kids in 6 different households and be there for the emotional needs of each of those children. Money doesn’t mean anything to a kid who just wants his dad. And by his own admission he goes to the house of the mother who calls him. It doesn’t sound like he takes the initiative to see those kids regularly. I hope we don’t start getting memoirs from his kids when they reach adulthood about what a rotten dad he was. He’s got about six years because his oldest two are 12.

  2. JLCauvin

    1. When Rod said “Nick Cannon is in the news” and his Mom said “Again?” my brain immediately heard the coronavirus song start

    2. I was wrong thinking that perhaps the Sunday truce would hold and Rod would not have me catching strays on a MOTHER’S DAY SUNDAY… IN THE PRESENCE OF HIS MOTHER, but I guess nothing is sacred anymore. To be clear for the many people who do not listen to my podcast, my discussion of pedophiles on an episode of my show was in the context of a) finding out a beloved teacher at my elementary school was arrested for child porn pics and b) the idea of Christian forgiveness being toughest for the worst offenders (now of course almost no one really practices this – the Dylan Roof victims’ family members offering him forgiveness is a good, rare example of Christians actually practicing this – I was reflecting on this). I think what the Pope was speaking of was the idea of earthly punishment vs spiritual forgiveness. I am aware that a lot of this might sound like nonsense to plenty. Just want to make sure people who don’t know me don’t think I am out here lobbying for NAMBLA in DC (cue Rod saying “that’s exactly what a NAMBLA lobbyist would say!” lol). I am just glad that Pope Francis did not say that we must tolerate or love Angel Reese for her unforgiveable mistreatment of Caitlin Clarke.

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