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PG 368: How Many Of Them Are There?

Rod, Justin, Karen, and Dominic Rye Lane, discuss walking for HIV, Justin saw a shooting, five-alarm fire in Charlotte, open carry, Fast X, MCU exhibit, Museum of Illusions, the Karen Hunter show, writing for a podcast, Missing Dead or Alive and listener feedback.


  1. SuavyP

    What up Kings and Queen Karen! Listening to what’s happening in your home state with Tricia Cotham switching parties from Democrat to Republican got my 3rd eye twitching. Hear me out. I’ll never give Republicans much credit for anything but what I will say is that they always think multiple steps ahead. Don’t like certain history being taught to their kids in schools; call it CRT and run for school board positions and start banning books. Don’t like the election results, say the voting machines are rigged and cast doubt on the entire system/ close polling stations, etc. Can’t win elections fair and square, gerrymander districts so that they win with a minority of votes. Now I think this Tricia Cotham switch is the new pivot. With major losses in states like GA in national elections, Republicans are now trying a new tactic; have undercover conservatives run as ultra liberals in battleground cities and states, and then after they win, they then switch support for the republican agenda! Look at George Santos. If one thing they learned is that it doesn’t matter what a candidate said to voters during a campaign. Once they win, they are essentially locked into that seat for their tenure. They can capitalize on this and slowly infiltrate the democratic field to steadily build their majority and pass their crooked agenda. It already happened in NC with the new abortion bill. What’s stopping them from doing this all over the country?? Once democrats realized they’ve voted for a Sinema, or a Cotham or whomever, we will be stuck complaining about how we’ve been tricked but nothing will be done about it… Anyway, the 3rd eye is closed now. But Y’all stay woke!


    What’s good y’all! So this story i for got to get off last weekend, not sure if it was covered anywhere, but after the met gala, Harry and Megan said. They were in a paparazzi high speed chase for 2 hours in New York City! Now all theee of y’all been here! Well me where and how is that possible!

    Ya man Eric adams or as I call him

    Mayor. PARTY OVER HERE! Debunked that real quick he actually stepped away from a nightclubs and lounges to address this story

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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