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BDS 478: Anywhore

Rod, Justin, Karen, and Dominic discuss listener feedback, Ja Morant gun part 2,  NBA play-offs, NFL getting investigated, Bobby Huggins homophobia, Kim K supports Tristan, Pat McAfee getting a bad and no longer being sued by Favre, Stephen A apologizes, Jim Brown dies, YouTube messes up game stream, NBA solid play-off ratings, Bruce Miller, Tiger Woods,  Dustin Johnson hurt his back having sex, Draymond punch hurt the team, Jackson Mahomes offered promo for bar owner after forced kissing, Becky Hammon suspended, Adesanya claps back at ex-girlfriend and much more. And not in that order!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J. Shemy Schembechler,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Gleen “Shemy” Schembechler was allowed to retire from Michigan after someone took the unprecedented step of checking his Twitter likes and finding tweets that some folks might call “controversial” cuz they’re too chicken shit to say “aye this white man’s Twitter likes were *racist* racist”. Michigan let Glenn (I am not calling this unseasoned turkey leg of a person “Shemy”) resign instead of firing him too! Whiteness is wild as hell.

    What do y’all think LeBron James is gonna do this offseason? Do y’all think he’d retire? LeBron James is the GOAT, been my favorite players for 20 years and has been *balling* for 20 years. He was the Beast of the East and dragged sorry Cavs team after sorry Cavs team through the playoffs. Dwayne Casey got fired cuz LeBron said he ain’t losing to an arena of Drake fans! He was at the peak of his powers in Miami (all them disrespectful ass dunks lmao), won 2 chips and dropped one of the hottest bars ever when he said all those folks in Cleveland gotta still live their lives the next day. White people in Cleveland are *still* mad about that to this day! Then, LeBron had the strength to forgive Cleveland for all the foul shit and racism white people dumped on him *and* won a championship in Cleveland by coming back from a 3-1 deficit to Golden State!!! A championship in *CLEVELAND FUCKING OHIO* and kept going *back* with rosters full of bums! To this day, if Jordan Clarkson, George Jill or Larry Nance score 15 points in a game I wanna know where that shit was in 2018. Then he went to the Lakers and won a chip there too! I am always going to cherish the memories of watching this nigga be fucking super human on the court.

    And LeBron left it all on the court against Denver. At 38, LeBron James put up a 40 point triple double with 1 working foot and Anthony Davis just taking up space. Truly incredible.

    Speaking the Miami Heat, why haven’t they put the notably unserious Celtics away yet? I still think Miami is going to win the series. And either way, Joey Mozzarella is getting fired no matter the outcome of this series, right?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always,


  2. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod, Karen & Jam Edible (Bam Adebayou?)!

    Having sent in a comment. Long over due. I’m on the run at the moment & wanted to swing in a quick post.
    Thank you for all you do. Always a fan.



    Back again guys! (Being that you are recording on Friday)

    It’s the dog days off the playoffs, and the season is almost done! So as filler, here comes the rumors and news stories to try and get us through the off season.

    What are your guys thoughts on the nba using challenges? I believe other sports also have incorporated such as baseball and hockey! Football has always had it! But now it’s being proposed that next season if your challenge is successful, you may get a second one! But if it’s unsuccessful that’s it for the game! I hate to see them used prior to halftime unless it’s like a 3/4/5th foul on a player that is a difference maker.

    Also shout out to melo on his retirement announcement!

    That’s it this time for. Real

    Peace y’all!


    What’s up rod, Karen and jlen kupier (again)

    So I wonder if that “nigger league museum “ is hiring, cuz ya boy glen got his walking papers

    Despite the sweep of the lakers I think it was still a good season, they started from the bottom, literally! 2-10 and got passed gun toting Ja morant! Then the defending champs!
    Denver was just the better team and perhaps showed why he should have been that mvp for a 3rd time (In a row)

    Just any predictions for next season
    Will reaves get to stay? Lebron ain’t really retiring is he? What do we do with AD ?

    You guys have a good holiday weekend

    Until next time

    Fyahworks out!!!

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