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PG 369: Don’t Break My Super Nintendo

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss walking for trauma, writing narrative vs late night, cheating, Victim / Suspect documentary and listener feedback.


  1. SuavyP

    Greetings my brothers Rod, Justin and Sister Karen!
    Now I just want to say what the hell is going on with Stephen A Smith?…like really! Going on his buddy Hannity’s show talking bout he would vote for Chris Christy over any of the democrats and that “Joe Biden is senile, etc” while chastising the people that would vote for him. Now I know Stephen A , we go waay back. From me catching his lil shows on ESPN from time to time; to seeing him get that bag, the man been doing his thing. I wanna call him a “good brotha”…. BUT HOWEVAAA….. this nigga done lost his goddamn mind! I am DISGUSTED at this guy! Like like like really! I’m sick and tired of these so called “gatekeepers of culture” caping so damn hard to hold the white republican man’s water by shitting on Democrats! Like wtf! Why do guys like Stephen A, Charlemagne, Van Jones, and hell even Van Lathan at times; go so far out of their way to say how much they are not democrats or shitting on democratic candidates on live TV/Radio yet refusing to keep that same energy when it comes to pointing out the existential danger that we face with republican candidates and Republican control?! I can maybe understand if they chose not to speak on politics at all. But nooo, they always make it a point to “stick it to Libs” and tell us how much dems aren’t doing anything while refusing to state what the actual alternatives and consequences are or providing any context. And for what?? For why?! It really just blows me man. And I bet these same niggas come election time end up voting for the Dems anyway (well some of them might). Anyway, just wondering if yall saw that bull crap online from Stephen A. I’m really starting to think hes shaping up for a prime spot on the Coonlendar for next year. Peace!

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Hopefully this finds you and the listeners well.

    I just wanted to add the following to the discussion of the live action version of The Little Mermaid. I went to see it, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I know the film was good not just by my standards because the usual Twitter suspects had nothing to say about Melissa McCarthy (whose casting as a white woman they initially complained about). They didn’t even have anything to say about the casting of Awkwafina, who has a sizable part in the film, and you know how they hate the very fact of her continuing to breathe air.

    Now the Twitterverse is going back and forth about Into the Spiderverse and Shameik Moore and Zion Williamson and his collection of women. They are just not happy unless they are arguing. You would think that with 50-11 streaming services, networks and cable channels, these people would have something better to do.

    Anyway, I’m sitting my Black ass over here and waiting for Secret Invasion to drop.

  3. RoninRaphael

    One quick podcast recommendation that might interest you. Ep 278: ‘This Is Why Eric Adams Makes Sense’ FAQ NYC

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Karen, As usual Karen was right. I was listening to the rest of the show this morning and correct, I definitely wasn’t trying to “come to the stage” yesterday. I was toggling between screens during the live and on one of my toggles I saw the little hand next to me (no idea how that even happened). I couldn’t figure out how to take it away and after logging out & back in a couple of times I gave up.Emoji Yikes! Sorry!!


  5. ProfKori

    “The Real Housewives of Trauma” — Y’all a mess!

  6. RoninRaphael

    Salutations beautiful people, one day I’ll come on stage and try to sell ya’ll tickets to Africa

    As for cheating, based on how I grew up & the crowds I found myself around. I had one picture of “man code” by the time I arrived in America only for that to evaporate quickly about a year or two in the Navy & America. I was one of the only single dudes amongst the Nigerian crew and I found out that I was popular to hangout around because the married guys used me as their scapegoat. So one day, when one of their kids was having a birthday party & I showed up, all the wives had a frown or cold stare at me whenever I came to say hi. I’m wondering, what’s going on and confused! Then out of the blue, one of the guys announces that they’re are driving to my uncles birthday party in Baltimore that night (we were in Virginia Beach) and I was just as shocked as the women (they did other shit that I’ll find out about later). Years later after I moved from the area and followed my path, I visited and one of the married guys was angry at me for refusing to stay in that area. Said that they spend on hotels when they could have been paying my rent and I saving my money by allowing them bring sidechicks to my place (I was never going to settle I guess). When he was saying that, the look that his wife gave me at that kids party was all I was seeing. I wished them all well & was glad I moved to NYC. They saw a rookie and used him in the name of community. I know better now!

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