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BDS 479: Spoverreated

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Ja Morant, AJ Brown quits charity event, Schembechler in racist chatrooms showing feet, Andy Reid doesn’t like new kickoff rule, Matt Araiza works out with Jets, NBA may penalize floppers, LSU women’s champs visits White House, Josh Allen new boo, Jon Gruden is back in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins released, Shakira dating Jimmy Butler, Bronny James prom date backlash, Kendal Marks accused of sexual assault, anchor jokes about Indigenous player’s last name, Shedeur Sanders dating Angel Reese, Sunday Ticket / DirectTV deal, Patrick Mahomes breaks silence on Jackson Mahomes and Pat McAfee could take Max Kellerman’s spot.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jhris Balls,

    I hope all is well.

    Chris Paul got cut by the Suns and told the media that his daughter is getting roasted by her classmates cuz he can’t win a ring. That’s a certainly a choice but what are we supposed to do with that when Chris Balls ain’t got nobody to blame but himself. Maybe if he’d lifted some weights instead of all the NBA rulebooks, his body would hold up as good as his knowledge of when to snitch to refs. Maybe if Chris Paul had developed a signature move that wasn’t hitting folks in the nuts or controlling the offense like he’s playing 2K, maybe one of those playoff teams won’t have gone out sad in the playoffs (having Doc Rivers as a head coach doesn’t help but that takes away from breakdancing on my anti-Chris Paul agenda). Y’all think Chris Paul will retire and become a coach? Or does he seem like someone who would be pained watching basketball he ain’t controlling?

    And for all the things wrong with Chris Paul I really hope he doesn’t end up in Boston. For his laundry list of faults I can’t wish Boston fans on Chris Paul. One of those Massholes would ask him what an HBCU is, follow it up asking why there aren’t H*W*CUs and he’ll have a stroke from cussing them out. Plus, Boston gotta back the Brinks truck for Jaylen Brown! I love to see niggas get money and nothing would be better than seeing Boston basically turn over all their cap money to a nigga that can’t dribble or go to the left.

    For all the things folks have said about Zion not recovering fast enough, I don’t see folks giving him credit for getting his cardio in while chopping Moriah Mills cakes down to smithereens! Zion said himself that ass motivated him and I’m pretty sure someone can do the nigga-lytics to show Zion had his best games around the times he was with her.

    I hope y’all have wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the great shows!



  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen and JIV golf. The subject matter of this PGA and LIV golf is one of my favorites. And that’s rich white people getting fucked over by other richwhite people. Could you imagine turning down tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to hold water for an organization. Only for that said organization to backdoor you and take the money they told you not to take. And you have keep working with them? Man if white folks do that to their own What chance does anyone else stand. The other funny part is, the one time Tiger took a luke warm stance it blew up in his face. As always peace.


    What’s good, Rod, Karen, and jhris balls aka jp3

    So I’m starting to think Nikola Jokic knocked some sense into the new owner of the suns last round! That dude is cleaning house! First he gave Monty is walking papers, who ultimately ended up in Detroit. Now cp3 has been waived! It’s being said that the lakers are front runners to sign him, and their competiton is State Farm, where his brother cliff, is making a strong push to acquire him as well! Will the ghost of David stern finally allow us to see cp3 in a laker uniform? Find out on the next episode of dragon ball Z……

    What’s in the water in South Carolina? First we had ja morant and his gun play! Now we got Zion Williamson and the porn star moriah mills! Twitter was on fire yesterday.
    Now I see why he wasn’t playing this season! Injury my ass! Lol

    You guys have a wonderful weekend

    Keep up the great work

    Fyahworks out

  4. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, & Jion Williamson,

    Apparently, Adam Silver is not the only person who was sitting on a messay NBA subplot that threatened to overshadow the Finals. Enter Zion Williamson, who was just out here trying to celebrate the arrival of new life, until adult film legend, Moriah Mills, went on Twitter air out her disappointment about Zion for getting his shots in off the court with his now baby mama. She really sounded like like she was rebounding balls for Zion while he was shooting in the gym. As of the writing of this post, at least one other lady is getting salty on social media behind not being the one for Zion. I swear the next version of NBA 2k needs a “hoe control” attribute, cuz Zion’s slider is all the way at ZERO. Begs, the question who’s at a 99?

    As always, Love the show!


    Hey Rod, Karen & Joston Celtics

    Like Uncle Thanos once said, “All that for a drop of blood”

    Seriously though, Boston did all of that just to be prematurely nut in the first quarter, that they weren’t even at our level. Did the Miami Heat technically blow this 3-0 lead? Hell yes, but the Celtics didn’t finish the job. We were so close to losing to that team & Joe Mazzulla’s sociopathic eyes & curt statements. Luckily, we didn’t become the first team to choke away a 3-0 lead. Shit’s hard anyway. That’s what makes the 2016 Cavs 3-1 deficit so astounding & niggas continue to take LeBron’s legacy for granted. Caleb Martin saved our fucking lives. Not Jimmy, not Bam’s “sometimes I’m him” Adebayo and the essence of UD, Martin & even Strus did his thing. Jimmy, even with his clutch game 6 heroics, has been cheeks for a minute and you can’t do that against the Denver “Scared Straight” Nuggets. You can’t! I’m a Heat fan & I know this shit’ll end in 4 or 5 games. If it doesn’t? (Which, big if? Just wow)

    The Boston Celtics love threes like a dumbass can’t take the hint on that a certain woman doesn’t like them. She tells the man 60 times, she’s not interested but because of stupid pride, they keep doing it anyway. They can’t help being so stupid. Mazzulla shouldn’t get fired, but get rid of that Anhk-Right Son of a Bitch Jaylen Brown. He can go. Mazzulla deserves credit for getting his team this far. Mofo went 5-1 in Elimination games. While that stat is more inflated than the US Economy, since they needed chance, after chance, that should count for something. There’s nothing to build off of with them. They need an identity chance. Even Tatum, who I really like, needs to stop jacking threes. Howard Bryant called this shit with them by calling out that style of play. It’s great when they go in, but it sucks when they don’t. This series was theirs for the taking, but to no avail, because these niggas are hopelessly stubborn. You’re not the Warriors, fuck y’all not even Kobe. Find an identity & stick with it. Sucks that two of Boston’s most proud franchises go home empty: The 1 seed Bruins losing to the 8th seed Florida Panthers in the first round & the 2 seed Celtics losing to the 8th seed Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Both Florida teams were last in some stat or whatever and they fucked around & got to their respective Finals appearance.

    Spo’s a phenomenal coach but this’ll probably be a towering achievement if he pulls this off. Mike Malone has too many cards playing against us. I don’t see it, but it’s been a fun ride.

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